Be My Summer Love

Two girls, Alyssa and Isabelle, run away in hopes of a better future. When they get into a car accident, they meet 5 boys that change their life.


21. My sister!

Isabelle's P.O.V.

Niall and i drove home and then we walked in the flat. No one was in the living room so we sat down and then we started to make out. We started with just a little kissing and then we got more and more passionate. We were kissing for a few minutes then I heard Alyssa say "Having fun, Isabelle?" we quickly pulled away and my cheeks got really red and Alyssa started to giggle. "When did you guys get here?" i asked feeling embarrassed "Just now." replied Alyssa. Louis came running down the stairs and asked, "Hey, Niall, Harry, have you asked them yet?" Alyssa and i looked at each other confused. Then Niall said "Belle would you like to be my date to the movie premiere in London?" "Sure but I've never been to one before." "Its fine, ill be there for you." (Hehe friends reference) "Okay." i said as i kissed his cheek. I overheard Alyssa tell Harry that she didn't know what to wear. "Alyssa, we can get Perrie, Eleanor, and Danielle to help us with our makeup and outfits." she nodded while yawning. Alyssa and Harry walked into their room while Niall and i cuddled on the couch. Liam,Louis, and Zayn all walked over to Harry and Alyssa's room and pressed their ears up against the door. I watched them closely, and then all of a sudden the door opened and they all fell at Harry's feet. I started to laugh and so did Niall. Harry said, "Eavesdrop much?" then closed the door. The boys came back over and sat down. Louis grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. Then Zayn stole the remote and started to flip through channels. Louis started hitting Zayn and then they started to fight, while Zayn was still flipping through the channels. I was paying attention mostly to the TV and i saw Friends come up and then the channel changed. "Wait i love that show! Go back!" they couldn't hear me so i grabbed the remote out of Zayn's hand and put Friends on. "Hey!" said Louis and Zayn at the same time. I just stuck my tongue out at them and watched Friends while cuddling close to Niall. After a little while i fell asleep in Niall's arms. 


Niall's P.O.V

Isabelle grabbed the remote and put on Friends. "I love this show." she said to me. "Same here." i said. We cuddled and watched Friends. Then after a little while she fell asleep in my arms. She just looked so peaceful when she was sleeping. I tucked a lose strand of hair behind her ear and then kissed her forehead. I had the remote and since Louis and Zayn would start fighting over it again and wake Isabelle i gave it to Liam. A little while later i decided to go to bed. I picked up Isabelle and walked into my room and lay Isabelle on the bed. I changed and lay down next to her. I fell a sleep with a smile on my face while dreaming of Isabelle. 


----------in the morning----------- 

Isabelle's P.O.V. 

I woke up sleeping next to Niall, he must've carried me in because i don't remember walking in the room. I got out of bed slowly and Niall started to stir. He sat up and said, "Morning love, you sleep alright?" "Yeah i did thanks. Did i wake you?" "No its fine." I walked out into the living room, Niall followed behind me, and saw Harry and Alyssa kissing on the couch. Zayn sitting on the floor along with Liam and Louis and Eleanor in the chair. "Hey Izzy!" said Eleanor "Hey El! When did you get here?" "Early in the morning, like 2 hours ago." "Cool." "So Isabelle..." said Alyssa giving me the look. "Oh gosh no Alyssa! Why would you ask that?!?!" (If you don't know what Alyssa is talking about, she is referring to Niall and Isabelle having sex.) "Well for one your hair looks really messed up and you and Niall got up really late. So i know...maybe..." "NO i swear nothing happened last night." Everyone started to laugh. "Oh by the way," said Liam walking to the kitchen "You, Alyssa, El, Dani, and Perrie are going shopping and having the whole day to do girl stuff by yourself." "k." i yelled to him. Niall and i took his spot on the floor. *buzz* *buzz* Someone texted me but my phone was on the kitchen in the dinning room. "Hey Niall could you go get that for me please?" "Yeah sure love." He walked over and got my phone and handed it to me. "Thanks." i said looking at my text message, it was from my brother.

Joseph : Hey sis r u busy today??

Me : erm yeah. Why

Joseph: i wanted to see if i could come over to see u or if u wanted to come home 4 a while.

Me: oh well i'm going dress shopping for a movie premiere. but i might have some spare time.

Joseph: cool

Me: lemme ask

Joseph: ok

"Hey Niall when is the premiere?" "Not till later today. Why" "Oh my brother is texting me and he wants to know if he can come over for a little today."  "oh that's fine." "Yay! ill tell him." 

Me: You can come over at like 4.

Joseph: cool! bye see you then.

Me: Bye! xxx

After that we heard a knock at the door. "I'll get it!" said Alyssa walking towards the door. she opened it and we saw Danielle. "Hey Dani!" said Alyssa giving her a hug. "Hi Alyssa!" "Hey what about me," i asked "am i like chopped meat or something?!?!" "No, Hi Izzy!" said Dani running over to hug me. "I was joking!" i said hugging her back. "Liam Dani's here!" yelled Harry "Hey where is Liam?" I asked "I think he's making breakfast." said Niall. "Cool." i said "I hope he's making food." said Niall we all laughed at that. Liam came out of the kitchen and gave Dani a hug and a quick kiss on the lips. "Breakfast is almost ready guys." he said going back into the kitchen. "Hurry up i'm starving." said Niall "Here will this help?" i said kissing him. He kissed me back passionately until i pulled away because i know everyone watching. "Yeah." said Niall.We all sat around watching TV until Liam told us that breakfast was ready. We all ate breakfast and then Perrie showed up. After breakfast we all got dressed and we left to go dress shopping. We got to the mall and started to look. Dani found one dress and said "Hey Alyssa what about this one for you?" "Nah green doesn't work for me." "Okay, so i should probably ask, before we get to looking again, what kind of dress do you want? And same for you Izzy." "Um i want like a knee length  hot pink, sleeveless dress." said Alyssa "Okay, how about you Isabelle?" Elanor said "Erm i guess anything that looks good on me. I dunno, i like sky blue on me." i said kind of unsure "Okay!" "Oh and i also like above knee length or knee length. And unlike Alyssa i like straps." "Haha OK " said Eleanor. We started to look again. We went from shop to shop looking for dresses and trying them on. We found one for Alyssa. "Hey Alyssa come try this one!" said Perrie handing her a knee length  strapless, hot pink dress. She went into the changing room and then came out with the dress on. She looked beautiful. "Wow Alyssa you look amazing! I love love love love this dress, especially on you! You look absolutely beautiful."  i said. "Thanks Izzy." she said "It really looks okay?" she asked worriedly. "Yeah it looks wonderful on you." said Dani. "Okay!" said Alyssa "This is the one!" "Yay!" exclaimed Perrie. We bought the dress and continued looking for me. I was a little harder because i was self conscious and didn't think i looked good in any of the dresses. We entered a store and Eleanor went running to one dress and said, "Isabelle you HAVE to try this on!" "okay okay." i said taking the dress. I went into the changing room and put the dress on. I walked out and said nervously, "So what do you think?" "Oh my gosh it looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING on you!" said Eleanor "Its soooo beautiful!!!!! I LOVE IT!" said Dani "WOW Isabelle you look amazing in that dress! You can really pull it off! Love it!" said Perrie "Alyssa? What do you think?" i asked nervously. "I looks...its...its just so amazing Isabelle! You look great! I love that dress on you!" "Thanks!" i said hugging Alyssa  "And thank you El for finding this." i said hugging her. And then i turned to Danielle and Perrie and said "And thank you guys for being honest and telling me what you think!" hugging them at the same time. We bought the dress and then went home. After we got home we decided to put on a mini fashion show type thing. We put on the dresses then walked out and showed them off. I felt really nervous because i wasn't 100% comfortable in the dress. Niall came over to me and said, "wow belle you look amazing!" i started to blush a little "Really? You like it?" i asked him. "Yeah i love it. Almost as much as i love you." he said leaning in to kiss me. We started to kiss passionately. The Niall picked me up and carried me into his room, so we could be in private. He lay me on the bed and we started to kiss passionately again. We must've left the window open because while we were kissing we heard, "NONONONONONONO GET OFF MY SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!" we immediately stopped kissing and we looked and saw mt brother. "Oh no, i forgot he was coming over today. Hes REALLY protective of me." "Well we had a good run. What was it like a few weeks huh. Well okay buh bye now." he said kissing me quickly on the lips then trying to escape. "wait wait Niall c'mon i can handle my brother." i said grabbing his hand and walking toward the door. There was pounding on the door, i opened it and said, "Hey Joe whats up bro?"  said nervously. He saw Niall and ran after him, they ran in a circle around the couch. Niall ran behind me and Joseph yelled "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!? THAT'S MY SISTER!!!!!!!" Then Harry and Alyssa came running in and said "Hey hey whats going on." "I think, i think Joseph knows about me and Belle." "He's right there dude." said Harry. "That's MY sister!!" Joseph yelled "Hey look we're not just messing around I love her. Okay i'm in love with her." said Niall calmly  "I'm so sorry you had to find out this way. I'm sorry but its true i love him too." "Aw my sister." said Joseph all calm now, then he hugged both of us. "Hey Joe why don't you come in and hang out for a little?" i said  "Yeah sure." We all sat on the couch and the rest of the boys and Dani, Perrie, and Eleanor joined us. "Hey why don't we play truth or dare?" said Zayn "Okay." said Harry. "Okay Alyssa truth or dare?" asked Liam "Erm dare." she replied "Okay, do an impression of someone in this room. And we have to guess who you are impersonating." "Okay.". Alyssa ran her fingers through her hair and said "Vas HAPPENIN !?!" "ZAYN!" I yelled "Yeah correct." said Alyssa. Since i guessed correct Alyssa got to ask me. Joseph got up and went to the bathroom while Alyssa asked me "Truth or dare." i chose dare. The she whispered the dare in my ear, she told me i had to keep a straight face too. Joseph came back in and sat down. "Joseph and Niall i have something to say. I'm...pregnant." Joseph got up furiously and yelled, "HOW DARE YOU GET MY LITTLE SISTER PREGNANT!" Niall looked really scared "Jo-" i tried to interrupt but he cut me off and yelled at Niall "YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT I WANT TO DO TO YOU RIGHT NOW!!! YOU ARE SO IRRESPONSIBLE YOU BASTARD! I CANT BELIEVE YOU GOT MY SISTER MY, SISTER PREGNANT!" Niall was just sitting on the couch completely freaked out and scared. "Joseph I'm not actually pregnant." i said. "You, your what?!" "I'm not pregnant. It was a dare." "Oh well Niall i'm sorry. For everything I've done today," Joseph said embarrassed "Its just im just really protective of Isabelle and i want her to have the best life she could possibly have. So i'm sorry for acting like a jerk." "Aw Joseph.." i said hugging him. "I think i should go now." said Joseph. I showed him to the door and then i sat back down next to Niall who was still in a little bit of shock. "Niall im sorry," i said rubbing his arm "I really am sorry that happened to you." "Its okay love, anything as long as it means your mine." he said. I went into our room and got changed into my dress for the premiere. Niall walked into our room and i was topless. At first i didn't notice him so i finished getting dressed and turned around and saw him. "Oh my gosh Niall!" i said "Sorry, i came into change and a little distracted." I was blushing like mad. Niall got dressed and he looked so hot. "Hey Niall could you get my zipper for me?" i asked him "Yeah sure love." he replied and then zipped up my zipper. He turned me around and stared into my eyes. He slowly put his hands on my hips and pulled my closer to him, i put my arms around his neck and then he leaned in so our foreheads were touching. "Isabelle Clare O'Neill i love you so much." he whispered before kissing me. We made out for a long time before i heard a phone camera shutter and, "Aw look at the love birds." I looked towards the door and saw Liam and Danielle. Dani was taking pictures and Liam said ,"C'mon everyone is waiting for you." "What. They are?" i asked "Yeah I've been standing outside your door knocking for like 5 minutes." "Oh sorry Liam." said Niall. "Its fine you guys are so cute! Just look at these pictures!" said Dani scrolling through the pictures she took. "Oh that one's going on twitter!" she said. Niall and i walked out of the room and into the limo hand in hand. "Niall" i whispered as we entered the limo "Yes Belle." "I love you too." 


A/N Hey how you doin?!? I hope you enjoy this chapter, i think its my longest chapter yet. We got some of the ideas for this chapter from an AWESOME TV show "Friends". So we thought we would put a link to  the part of the show we got the idea from in the chapter. So copy and paste the link in this chapter in Google and enjoy!!!! FLOVE Y'AL! Hope you enjoy the chapter! 

~ Anya xxx


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