Be My Summer Love

Two girls, Alyssa and Isabelle, run away in hopes of a better future. When they get into a car accident, they meet 5 boys that change their life.


9. Meeting Her

Niall's POV

I woke up with a sharp pain in my head. I open my eyes fully and see a beautiful stunning girl sitting at the edge of my hospital bed. Her eyes were all red and puffy probably from crying. She also had some bruises and a cut on her arm. I hope she didn't get injured from the car accident. "Sorry about us wrecking your car." she said quietly. She was stunning and amazing. "its not your fault. We weren't really driving all that well." "No it was our fault. If my parents were here they would blame me. I cant do anything right according to my parents." "Are you okay you seem sad." i said with concern "Im fine its just-" she paused and started to cry a little.  "Come on you can tell me. I know we just me but whats your name?" "My names Isabelle." she said with her eyes staring into my soul... man i could get lost in her eyes any day. "Well Isabelle, you can trust me." I said reassuringly. " I was born in Dublin but because my parents abused e so much people got suspicious about me and my family so we moved here to Manchester. My parents still abuse me," she paused to show me some of her bruises or places shes been hit. This was sick, how could anyone want to hurt such a  beautiful girl. "My best friend, who happens to be my only friend, gets bullied at school. They kick her and push her against lockers and call her unbearable names. i feel like we're two mistakes in the world." she started to cry a little. I managed to sit up and give her one of my famous Horan hug. "Where is Alyssa anyways?" she said "I think i saw her sitting with Harry. So where are you guys going?" "Oh," she said and looked down " we are running away and know you know why." I started to think why would anyone want to hurt such an innocent young girl, such as Isabelle? "Well you know we ave a flat not to far from here if you want to stay there with us." "Really!" she said perking up a little. "Yea sure why not. I mean its the least we can do after wrecking you car." "But were not not like famous or rich or anything..." "Maybe not but you seem really cool. Please say you'll come with us.Please Isabelle." "Oh ok!" she said "Yay!" i said as i engulfed her in a huge Horan hug.

- A few minutes later- 

Isabelles POV 

The doctor walked in and told us that the boys could leave in a few minutes. So we started to talk again. Then after 10-15 minutes we were told we could leave. "Hey Alyssa Niall said we could go over to there flat and stay there for a while." i said just loud enough for Alyssa to hear. "OMG really," she said back," Harry told  me the same thing!" "WOW!!!!" i said. After that we signed the boys out of the hospital and drove over to there flat in the limo Paul sent for us! 

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