Be My Summer Love

Two girls, Alyssa and Isabelle, run away in hopes of a better future. When they get into a car accident, they meet 5 boys that change their life.


24. Holmes Chapel

Harry's P.O.V.

After everyone had woken up, we all made our plans for the day. Niall was taking Isabelle on a date, Alyssa and I were going to have a lazy day then pack, and the rest of the boys had already made plans with their girlfriends. Niall left with Isabelle to take her to some secret date location and the other boys were gone as well.  

"So we probably won't have to pack much for tomorrow so until we start packing, what do you want to do?" I asked, sitting next to her on the couch.

"Wanna watch a movie?" She suggested. I nodded and we went to our room to search through Netflix. I started scrolling throught the movies, waiting for her to tell me if she saw one she liked.

"Ooh! Yes! Can we watch Friends With Benefits? That's one of my favorite movies!" She said happily. I put it on then got on our bed next to her and she immediately wrapped herself around me, getting comfortable. I loves how much more confident she'd gotten since when we met her. She used to be so insecure and shy and she was completely over it.

The movie was nearly halfway over when Alyssa got a text. She pulled out her phone and I glanced over at it, seeing she got a text from someone named Parker. She'd never mentioned any Parker before. 

"Who's that?" I asked, trying to sound casual.

"My brother Parker. I completely forgot to tell him that I'm safe and not dead since he hasnt seen me since the day I left," She replied guiltily. "I didn't even tell him I was leaving."

The text said:

"Hey are you okay? Haven't heard from you in a while and just wanted to make sure you're fine." She quickly texted him back then put away her phone, curling back up against me.

"How come you've never mentioned you have a brother?" I asked.

"I've got two. Parker and Josh. And any time I think about them, I just feel terrible for just ditching them without any warning," She answered. Her phone lit up with another text saying:

"So happy to know you're safe. You should come visit soon :)" She answered again and turned off her phone. She reached across me for the remote and pressed play to continue the movie.

"I love you," I murmured on top of her head.

"I love you too," She whispered back. There was knocking on our door.

"Hey it's Zayn! Can I come in?" His voiced called from outside.

"Yeah," I answered and with that, he came in and hopped on the bed next to Alyssa.

"Hey guys." he said with a grin.

"What are you doing here? I thought you were going out with Perrie" I asked trying not to sound rude.

"She left me to go shopping with Jade and Jesy. Can I watch the movie with you please?" he asked.

"Fine," I gave in, not wanting to have to kick him out. 


Liam was in the kitchen and something smelled nice.

"Hey guys," he greeted Alyssa, Zayn, and I as we walked into the kitchen. We saw Isabelle and Niall were talking on the sofa.

"How was your date?" Alyssa asked them.

"Fantastic," Isabelle said, smiling at Niall. 

When everyone got their food once it was served, we sat down, ate, and talked. We devoured the amazing food Liam had cooked and did the dishes. We got in bed when we were all done. Her hair smelled like green apples and fresh berries. I planted a kiss on her cheek and with that, we fell asleep, my arms and legs wrapped around her. I did fall asleep eventually but I got a little hungry so I made sure Alyssa was sleeping as I quietly walked out of our room and into the kitchen. I grabbed some cheerios and started eating them dry. "Hello." a voice behind me said scaring the crap out of me. I turned around and saw Isabelle. I frowned, "Izzy, what are you doing up?" She smiled and said, "Two words, Niall snores plus, I get a little hungry at night. Now what about you, why are you up?" She was raising her eyebrows. "Got hungry, but Alyssa is still sleeping, I didn't wake her." I explained as I put down the cheerios. She nodded and I walked back to our room. Alyssa was curled in a ball shivering, the blanket was on the edge of the bed, she must've kicked it over. All of a sudden, she started sweating and breathing harder and harder. She was saying random things like, "Here" "Help" or just random sounds. She must be having a nightmare. I laid down next to her with the blanket on top of us and I just started to rub her arm and whisper, "It's okay, it's just a dream." in her ear very softly. She started to breathe normally again and seemed less scared so I kissed her head and went to sleep.



"Harry, wake up!" I faintly heard Alyssa say in my ear. I smiled and said, "Wha? It's only 5:00 though." She rolled her eyes and said, "Harry, it's almost 8:00." My eyes were still drooping and tempting myself to fall asleep. Then, I felt a pair of lips on my cheek making my eyes open completely. "You could've just done that to start with." I said. "Zayn and I made breakfast, we made bacon and omelets." She said sounding accomplished."Yummy!" I said realising how hungry I was. "I had the weirdest yet scariest dream last night. I was with Liam and Louis on Rodeo Drive when suddenly David Schwimmer and Logan Lerman showed up and start throwing bananas and rocks at us. Then we got kidnapped by Nicki Minaj" She said. "I'm not sure whether to laugh or to comfort you." I said half chuckling. "Well you can laugh because it ended well, you were there too." She said said then frowned. "It was weird, you were wearing a sombrero." (this is a real dream that I had, don't judge me ) She couldn't stop laughing after that. I got out of bed and joined the rest of the lads with Alyssa for breakfast. Alyssa must've started eating before she woke me up because she was already halfway done with her omelet. "She's a good cook, but I helped." said Zayn. "Awww thanks, Zayn, but omelets aren't that hard to cook." She said finishing her last bite. Alyssa tried sneaking a piece of Louis' baconbacon but he saw her and pushed his plate away. "LOUIS DOESN'T SHARE FOOD!" (<<<<hahaha Friends reference) he yelled then playfully messed up her hair. She grabbed the bacon and licked it. "Mine now!!!!" She said. Louis took it and licked the other side and yelled the same thing back at her. "Great, now no one can have it." She sighed. "Except for Niall!" he said swooping in and grabbing it then eating it. "HEY!" they said at the same time. "Thanks Louis!" he said with bacon in his mouth. "Hey, you guys wanna play truth or dare, it should be a lot more fun now that we know a little bit more about each other?" asked Louis with a devilish grin. "Yeah! Let's play!" said a happy Zayn. Alyssa was in between me and Louis. Isabelle was sitting on Niall's lap and Zayn was sitting next to Liam. "I start again!" said Louis. "Isabelle, truth or dare?" She thought for little then said, "Truth" He grinned, this isn't good. "If you weren't dating Niall, which one of us would you want to go out with?" he asked. She turned a shade of bright pink. "Dare." She said. "Find, I dare you to answer that question truthfully." Louis said. "Fine, erm, I don't know...maybe...Zayn." She said the last bit quieter. Zayn was blushing quite a bit along with her. "Liam, truth or dare?" She said trying to change the subject. "Dare." She walked over to him and whispered something in his ear. He nodded and said, "I'll be right back, continue without me." he walked into his room. "Niall, you go." said Zayn who was still a bit pink. "Alright, Alyssa, truth or dare?" She thought and said, "Truth." "Same with you, if you weren't dating Harry, which one of us would you want to go out with?" This made me sit up a bit, this was going to be interesting. "Do I have to?" She asked. "I had to!" said Isabelle. "Okay, well, ummm...Louis..." She said looking down. Louis was even redder than Zayn. Right as Louis was about to say something, Liam came out with a ring pop and walked over to Alyssa. He got on one knee and said, "Alyssa will you fake marry me? That was my dare, but you don't have to say yes." "If I say yes do I get the ring pop?" She asked. "Sure." he said chuckling. "Then yes." She said giggling and putting the ring on her finger then licking it. "NOOOOOOO YOU'RE MINE!!!!" I  jokingly said. Her finger was playing with one of my curls.  "Hey, it's 10:15 and it takes 25 to get to mum's house at 11, so we should probably start packing." I told her. She nodded and we went in our room and started packing. Zayn came in and hopped on our bed like yesterday. I rolled my eyes and kept packing. As Alyssa was zipping up her bag, I stopped her and said, "Wait! You forgot this." I put an I <3 Harry Styles t-shirt in her bag. She giggled and said, "That's not even mine!" "Yeah, it is now, I got it for you." I said grinning. I kissed her on the cheek and She said thanks for the shirt. It was about 10:30 so we said goodbye then got in my car with our bags. Alyssa was on her phone and she immediately started cracking up. "What's so funny?" I asked curiously. "Nothing it's just Leigh-Anne sending me hilarious pictures.“ She put her phone away and turned on the radio. "Hey wanna do a twitcam?" I asked her. "In the car?" I shrugged and said, "Why not?" She smiled and got out her laptop.

Alyssa P.O.V

pulled up Twitter and tweeted, "Hey everybody! Harry and I are going to do a twitcam! Be sure to watch!" I started the twitcam. "Hello everybody who's watching!!!" I said. "Helloooooooo!!!!!!!" said Harry "I'm driving!" " And I'm sitting!" I said. "I wish I could look at the camera but...ummm...i kinda can't..." he said. "Okay! Question time...GO!" I said. "Okay, Madison from Maryland wants to know how we met. Okay, well-" "NOOOO I WANNA TELL THE STORY PLEASE!!!!!!" he pleaded "Fine" I said. "We were both driving, all of the lads in my car and Alyssa and her best friend Isabelle in her car, and I fell asleep and we crashed." he said with a smile. "Okay so then I woke up and she was on my hospital bed and I knew I loved her." I put my hand over my heart and said, "Awwwwww" "Okay, next question is Chloe from Canada and says 'Harry! I love you! What was your first impression of each other?' " I said then answered, "Honestly, I thought he was gonna be crazy all the time but he has a really mature and romantic side while also having a really fun and crazy time. He's really amazing and kind." Harry awwwwed and said, "I dunno, the first time I saw Alyssa, I thought, 'Damn, she's the one, she's beautiful' and I fell in love with her" I could see I was blushing so I looked down and smiled. We continued with more questions for a couple more minutes and after that we just talked then said goodbye. I put my laptop away and said, "I didn't know you felt that way when you met me." "Well, I did. Oh look, we're here!" He said as we pulled up to his house. It was a normal but very nice looking house. Mrs. Cox came running out and gave Harry a hug and a kiss. She walked over to me and gave me a hug as well. "It is so nice to meet you, Alyssa!!!" She exclaimed. "It's nice to meet you as well, Mrs. Cox!!" I said. "Oh, you can call me Anne." She told me. I smiled and nodded. Harry put his arm around me and we headed inside. I got a tour from Harry and Anne around the house; Gemma's room, Harry's room, Anne's room, the living and dining room and kitchen. Harry's room looked like a normal boys room, a little messy and video games we're on the ground. Gemma's room was much neater and had pictures of herself and family on the wall. The kitchen had a huge refrigerator and a nice countertop. "You have an amazing home!!!" I said admiring everything around me. "Awww thanks love. So we have all day today, what do think about going to a small arcade down the block? I used to go there when I was younger." He asked. "Yeah, of course! That sounds great!" "We can get some lunch there too." I nodded and we headed out. "I hope you don't mind walking, it's not that far away." said Harry. "Not at all!" We walked for five minutes when I saw a small arcade. He looked at me and grinned and we both raced there. He won, of course. "Haha! I won!" He said childishly. "Nuh uh!" I said back. "Ya huh!" He said. We went back and forth like this until we finally burst out laughing. When went in, there was one claw machine but it was taken. I really wanted to play the claw machine, but I figured it would open up. Harry and I played some other games and just hung out and had a great time. The claw machine was still taken by the same guy after 10 minutes. I walked up to the machine and asked politely, "Hello, I we wondering if I could use the claw machine." He turned around, and when I saw him, I wanted to say he looked familiar, but i couldn't put my finger on it. He was my age, blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a mischievous grin. "Yeah of cour-Alyssa?" He said interrupted himself and looking shocked. "Ummm, who are you?" I asked confused. Harry must've saw me talking to him because he came over and became confused as well as to what was going on. "It's me, Logan! Logan August! Before you moved away from Mullingar, we were neighbours and best friends!" He explained and now I remember him. I was so happy to see him. He engulfed me in a huge hug. I couldn't believe it, my only friend ever (besides Isabelle) and he's right here!

Harry's P.O.V.

Alyssa seemed particularly interested in the claw machine but some guy was there so we just went to other machines. She was killer at Pacman. After playing games there for 10 minutes, the guy was still there at the claw machine. I saw Alyssa walk up to him and talk to him. I got up and walked over there as well. "Alyssa?" I heard him ask. How does he know Alyssa? "Ummm, who are you?" She asked, I was thinking the same thing. "It's me, Logan! Logan August! Be you moved away from Mullingar, we were neighbours and best friends!" He said. Alyssa looked super happy and gave him a huge hug. I felt a twinge of jealousy. They pulled away  and Alyssa said, "I can't believe it's you! Harry, this is my only other friends besides Isabelle! He was my best friend when we were younger. And Logan, this is my boyfriend, Harry." I smiled, she said boyfriend. "Nice to meet you, Harry." He said. "And nice to meet you, Logan." I said."So you still wanna play the claw game?" asked Logan. She laughed realising she never played it. She ran over there and started playing. "I've really missed her, I never really had another friend like her." He said. "Yeah, she's amazing." I said. He smiled and we walked over to her. "Awwww, I almost had it!" She said sadly and walking away. "Hey wait, c'mere!" She turned around and came back to the machine. He put one of his quarters in for her. He put his arms around her and put his hands on top of her hands. My eyes widened at this, now I was mad. He knew I was here. She got the stuffed animal she wanted with the help of Logan. "Aw, it's 10:50, I gotta go home." He said. "Aw, well, it was really great to see you Logan. I've really missed you." said Alyssa. "I missed you too." He said. They hugged and he waved goodbye. She waved back. "What the hell?" I asked. She looked confused. "What the hell were his arms doing around you?" I asked. "Harry, I-" She started but I was mad. "I can't believe it! I'm your boyfriend, not him!!!" I said. "Harry, I haven't seen him since I was 6 and I have no feelings for him." She said. "He obviously wants to get in your pants!" "Harry, he does not! We're just friends!" she protested. "Well, in case you didn't notice, he was being very friendly!" I said letting all my anger and jealousy out. "Even if Logan liked me-" I cut her off, "He does!" "Let me finish! Even if Logan liked me, I would never like him back, never. We're just friends Harry." She said calmly. "Just please don't let any guy do that to you again." I asked of her. She smiled and said, "So you were jealous?" My cheeks reddened intensely and she giggled. "I just care so much about you." I said tucking her hair behind her ear. My hand stroked her cheek and pulled her closer to me. She put her hand on my neck and pulled me closer. Our lips were centimetres away when I heard, "Hey Alyssa! I wanted to tell you-uhhhh" We turned around and saw Logan standing there awkwardly. "I, uh, wanted to tell Alyssa my number so we can stay in contact." He said to us. He walked over to her and they exchanged numbers. They said goodbye again and he left. She turned toward me and gave my a small smile then walked over and kissed me. She pulled away after about a minute and said, "I'm hungry." "What? Did Alyssa go with Logan and leave Hungry?" I joked. She slapped my arm playfully and I said, "Okay, let's go. There's a really nice pizza place right near here." "Great!" She said and grabbed my hand. We walked out of the arcade and started walking to the pizza place. The whole time walking there, we were just laughing and having a great time. When we got there, we both sat down and looked at the menu. "Their sausage pizza is great, do you wanna share a large?" I asked. "Sure, I love sausage!" She said. I smiled, I still remember when she was extremely sad from the bullying she got. We ordered our pizza and drinks. "It normally takes 5-10 minutes to make the pizza but it's worth the wait." I said. She nodded then I heard *ALYSSA!!! IT'S LOUIS!!! ARE YOU IGNORING ME?!?! PICK UP THE PHONE!!!*, otherwise known as Louis's ringtone he created in his voice on Alyssa's phone. She answered it. "Hi Louis!" "How'd you know it was me?" "Remember your ringtone?" "Oh yeah..." "So what's up?" "Oh right, ummmm yeah well, ummm about earlier in truth or everything okay with us?" I saw her blush but I didn't hear what he asked. "Yeah sorry if I made you uncomfortable." "Oh no! You didn't make me uncomfortable I just uhhhhh...never mind" "What? What were you gonna say?" "Nothing, it's fine." "Louis, you were gonna say something, what?" "It kinda made me blush, I don't know." "Well, when you do know, let me know." " how's Holmes Chapel?" "Really great, I ran into an old friend of mine." "Well that's great! We miss you guys already, especially Isabelle, Liam and I." "What about Niall and Zayn?" "Yeah, they miss you guys too." "Awww I miss you guys too." "Well have fun today! Bye Alyssa!" "Bye, Louis!" She hung up and smiled. "What'd Louis want?" "Just to clarify that truth or dare thing and to see how we're doing."  I nodded as our sausage pizza came out and onto our table. We both took two slices and started eating. "Oh my gosh this is the best pizza ever!!!!" She exclaimed. "I know right!!!" I agreed. We finished the pizza and we were stuffed. "So good but I'm so full!" she complained. I laughed and nodded in agreement. Once we finished, we paid then walked out. We were holding hands and walking back home. Everything seemed great until I heard, "Harry!!!! Alyssa!!!" We turned around and saw flashing cameras; paparazzi. We looked at each other then started running. We were still holding hands and we got a little ahead of the paparazzi. We kept running but then all of a sudden Alyssa tripped and fell. I stopped immediately and crouched next to her and saw that her ankle wasn't in the right position and knew it was bad. " Oh my gosh, are you okay?" I asked even though I knew she couldn't be feeling great. "Y-yeah, yeah, I'm f-fine." She said holding her ankle. The paparazzi were coming closer so I thought on my feet and quickly picked her up and put her on my back so that she was piggyback riding me. I was sure to avoid touching her ankle so that I wouldn't hurt it any more. I started running again with Alyssa on my back. I turned around but no one was behind us, we must've lost the paparazzi. I took Alyssa off my back and carried her bridal style all the home which took about 5 minutes. I opened the door and yelled, "MUM! WE'RE HOME!" She came down the stairs and gasped, "What happened to Alyssa?" She must've seen Alyssa's swollen and dislocated ankle. It looked really bad. "We were being chased by paparazzi and she tripped and fell, so I carried her home." I explained, still with Alyssa in my arms. Mum nodded and said, "Let her sit so her ankle can rest." I nodded and sat her on the couch with her ankle propped up on a pillow. "You don't have to make a big deal, I'm fine." She said. "Love, your ankle needs rest and so do you. I'm gonna go get some gauze for your ankle, stay here." I said going to the bathroom and I started searching in the medicine cabinet for gauze. When I finally found it and along with the medical adhesive tape, I walked out to Alyssa who was still on the sofa. I sat down by her feet and slowly and carefully lifted her ankle so I could wrap it. She winced, "Sorry love, I didn't mean to hurt you." I apologized. "It's okay" she said. I started to wrap her ankle when my mum came down and asked, "Do you want to lay down somewhere more comfortable, Alyssa?" She shrugged and said, "Here's fine, but I don't care." "Well, let me finish wrapping your leg then I can lay you on my bed." I said but Alyssa said, "Harry, I-I'm fine, you don't have t-to." I was finishing wrapping her ankle and said, "C'mon babe, I'm pretty sure your ankle is sprained, you should take it easy. When we get back to Manchester, we'll get you to the doctor." "Okay..." She said as I taped the gauze so it'd stay. I carefully picked her up and carried her upstairs to my room and laid her on my bed. I laid down next to her and started stroking her hair. She giggled and looked at me with her grey eyes. "I love your eyes." I blurted out randomly. I saw her blush which made me smile. She grabbed a picture behind her and looked at it. It was a picture of me when I was about 7 or 8 years old. "You are so adorable!!!" She said. I blushed and she started to play with my hair. I put my arm around her and said, "I'm sorry about what happened to your ankle." I apologized. "It's not your fault, Harry, it's the paparazzi's fault." She said. "Thanks," I said weakly. "Wanna watch Friends?" “Yeah sure!" She said quickly sitting up then wincing and sat back down. l rubbed her back and turned on the tv. The One With Ross' Sandwich was on. "Oh my gosh love this one!" she exclaimed. "This is the first one I ever saw!" I realised. About halfway through the show, Alyssa got a text. "Who texted?" I asked. "Isabelle, she wrote: Hey, having fun in Holmes Chapel? Hope ur ankle feels better! Harry told me. ~Isabelle :)" She read out loud. She started to text back Isabelle when I kissed her cheek and took a picture of it on my phone. “What was that for...not that I'm complaining." She asked smiling. “To post on Twitter" I responded while writing the caption: The beautiful gf, we think she sprained or broke her ankle, love you xx. "Aw, Harry." She said speechlessly then kissing me passionately. "I love you too." The One in Vegas came on. Alyssa took a picture of me and started typing something. Once she was done, I checked her Twitter page. I found the picture of me and it said: This is the best bf ever, I don't know what I would do without you, babe, love you too xx. I smiled at her and she was smiling and blushing at me. I checked the time, it had been about 3 hours since we'd gotten home. I heard mum call so I quickly got out of bed and into the halfway. "Yeah, mum?!?" I yelled. "Here, give these to Alyssa, they're painkillers for her ankle and some water." She said walking up the stairs and handing them to me. I walked back into my room and put them on my bed side table. “These are painkillers for your ankle, they should help." I told her while handing her the water and painkillers. She took them and swallowed the pills. She put the water down and rested her head back on the pillow. We couldn't stop laughing when Rachel said, “I'm doin good baby how you doin?" My phone started to vibrate so I picked it up and checked my messages. I had two new messages from Liam. The first one read: Hey, how's Holmes Chapel? and the second one said: Is Alyssa feeling better? I responded: Yeah, it's great to be home and she took some painkillers so she should be feeling better soon :). "Hey, 'lyssa, ya feeling any better?" I asked her. She touched her ankle lightly, smiled, then said, "Yeah, but I can still feel the pain. It's definitely getting better though." I let out a sigh of relief. I hugged her tightly and she giggled. I let go and kissed her forehead. We started channel surfing and found The Big Bang Theory. We just watched tv and hung out. After watching 2 more episodes of The Big Bang Theory, it was 7:30. "Wow, how'd it get to be 7:30 already?" She asked. I chuckled and said, "I don't know." I started to get up and Alyssa asked, "Where are you going?" "I'm gonna make you and mum dinner." I responded. "Ooh! Can I help?" She asked. "What about your ankle?" I asked. "C'mon please let me help!!!" She begged. I sighed and said, "Alright, just please don't hurt it any more than it is right now." She smiled and slowly stood up. "WOOHOO I can stand!" She said happily. I smiled and I helped her get down the stairs and into the kitchen. "So what are we making?" She asked. "Burritos!" I said happily. "Yay! I love burritos!" She said and started to get out the chicken and guacamole. Once we got out all the ingredients, it took us about 15 minutes to finish the burritos. We sat down and I called mum down to eat with us since the burritos were done. She came down and sat with us. We finished eating and I said, "Alyssa, we should probably go to bed early so we can get you to the doctor in the morning." She nodded and I took her hand and helped her upstairs and to my room where I helped her onto my bed. She yawned as I put my arm around her and kissed her cheek. She fell asleep instantly in my arms.

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