Be My Summer Love

Two girls, Alyssa and Isabelle, run away in hopes of a better future. When they get into a car accident, they meet 5 boys that change their life.


19. Ferris Wheel

Nialls P.O.V

"Yes." Isabelle said looking at me. "What?" i said back confused?" "Ill go out with you Niall." i was SO happy. I finally got my princess. She agreed to go out with me which just made me soooo ecstatic! I engulfed her in a huge Horan hug and didn't let go for a long time. I finally decided to make my move and i leaned in and kissed her. She kissed me back and we kissed passionately for a while. Then i'm pretty sure i saw Harry and Alyssa kissing and El taking pictures. But i didn't care because today was the best day of my life, i made my princess mine. 


Isabelle's P.O.V

I cant believe that The Niall Horan is my boyfriend now. I cant believe i just thought that! Niall Horan is my boyfriend, i'm Niall's girlfriend. It just sound so good. No i'm not one of those girls who obsesses over them and i'm not going to obsess over the fact that Niall is my boyfriend, it's just that I've had such a bad history with dating and i know that Niall would never do anything bad to me. Especially since he, and Louis Liam and my bro, just saved my life practically. Niall leaned in and kissed me, man he was a good kisser. "That's enough PDA." said Liam and we stopped kissing. Then Eleanor asked if she could put the pictures of us kissing on twitter. I looked over at Niall to see if he minded. He said as long as i was fine with it, so i said " Yeah sure El!"  "Yes!" she said happily. "What about you, Harry and Alyssa?" she asked us. She turned around at me. "I wanna show the WHOLE world that you're mine, but if you don't want to yet, I'm okay with that." Harry said to Alyssa. "Well I'm okay with it and so are you so that would be a yes Eleanor." She smiled like a little kid on Halloween then started typing on her phone. "Done!" she said, "It's on Twitter now, so everyone knows about you. Isabelle, welcome to the girlfriend club!" she informed us happily.  "OH! WHO WANTS TO WATCH 28 Days Later? Everyone raised their hand except for me. I absolutely hate horror movies. I always get scared at the slightest mention of one. "Don't worry princess, Ill keep you safe." said Niall kissing me on the cheek. "Okay..." i responded. "YAY!!!" Louis yelled after i agreed to watching a, stupid horror movie that i was probably gonna either end up loving or hating. Niall and i were watching the movie when he "yawned" and put his arm around me. So i scooted* closer to him and we started to cuddle. During the scary freaky part that i didn't like i would bury my face in Niall's shirt and start to shake. One of the times i looked away from the screen Niall stopped watching the movie and kissed me. I felt so much better after we kissed. I could actually watch the movie more than stare at Niall's shirt. I looked quickly on IG (Instagram) and saw a picture of Alyssa on the pop page. Harry must've posted it. I scooted over to Harry and said, "She really likes you, Harry. I can tell because she's never acted this happy. By the way, I ship you guys, you're adorable together." "Thanks, Isabelle. I don't really know what our mashup name will be. I can tell Niall likes you a lot. He's had a couple of girlfriends but he was never mad about them like he is with you." Harry said back. After that i went back to cuddling with Niall. Then i started to get tired near the end of the movie, i don't know why this always happens to me. I like some movie that i'm watching at night and then towards the end or even in the middle i fall a sleep. And yes i was starting to like this movie. But i was tired and i couldnt fight it. So i fell asleep cuddling with Niall.

------------ In the morning ---------------

Niall's P.O.V

"Shhhh be careful if your going to try and wake her up." said Alyssa. "Why?" i asked puzzled. "Because Izzy hates to be woken up, and since she watched a horror movie yesterday shes gonna be even herder to wake up peacefully." Isabelle looked so cute sleeping but i really wanted to take her on a date and it was already 10:30. We had all eaten breakfast and i was really eager to ask her out. "Oh well, i'm gonna try to wake her." i said. "Hey Belle, Belle," i said quietly and shaking her a little "Belle wake up." she groaned so i knew she could hear me. "Come on Belle wake up." i said again. She just wasn't going to wake up. "We got pancakes!" said Alyssa "Huh what!?! I'm awake!" Isabelle said as she stood up instantly. Alyssa started to laugh. "Where are the pancakes?" said Isabelle still a little tired. "Oh yeah about that..." said Alyssa trailing off. "We kinda ate them all." said Harry finishing her sentence. "Poop you guys!" she said looking upset. "Lyssa you know haw much i love pancakes for breakfast!" "Sorry Izzy." said Alyssa with an apologetic look. "I still have one left." i said looking over at Isabelle. She immediately got up again. "Yeah," i said "You can have it if you want - " "Oh my gosh thank you Niall!" "You didn't let me finish " "Aw" she said "you can have it IF you-" "IF?!?!?!" "you can have it if you kiss me." "Okay!" she said with a big smile. We each leaned in closer and we kissed for a minute or so. Then i gave her my pancake. She must've been really hungry because she ate the pancake really fast, either that or she just loves pancakes that much. Either way its cute. After she ate the pancake i told her to go get dressed because i was taking her somewhere. She went into my room and changed when she came out she was wearing shorts (they weren't to short though), a Beatles T-shirt, and black and white Adidas. Even in something as simple as that she looked beautiful! "you ready love?" i asked as she walked out. "Yeah but where are we going?" she asked me "Its a surprise." i said "Oh yippee i love surprises!" she squealed. We got in the car and we started to drive. Isabelle didn't know where we were going but i knew she would love it. I was taking her on our first date. 

Isabelle's POV 

I woke up and Niall and i kissed. After that i ate Niall's pancake then got dresses. Niall told me to get in the car and that we were going somewhere. Alyssa, Harry, and Eleanor were are smiling like idiots which means they knew something. I didn't care though because i needed some fresh air so i figured a car ride wouldn't be so bad. We got in Niall's car and we started to drive. I turned on the radio and started to listen. I changed the channel until i found a song i like and i kept it on that channel. I founded Oath by Cher Lloyd. I ABSOLUTELY love Cher Lloyd! Niall started to sing. I turned it up louder and started to sing REALLY REALLY REALLY quietly. But somehow, i really don't know how, Niall heard me. "You have an amazing voice Belle!" he said looking over at me. "No i don't i have a terrible voice, i hate it! Alyssa is the good singer. I usually stick to the instrumental." "I heard you sing and you have a really pretty voice Isabelle. You may not think its good but I LOVE it." "Thanks Nialler." i said. Wow no one other then Alyssa had ever heard me sing or think i was good. I was in orchestra i played cello. Along with guitar on my own. I'm better at playing guitar or cello than singing no doubt. But i wasn't going to fight with Niall so i just let him call me a good singer and i dropped the subject. We continued to drive until we reached our destination. Six Flags. 

A/N How you doin?!?! Sorry quick little authors note my little leprechauns. I hope you have an imagination, if not just pretend that there is a Ferris wheel at six flags even though i know there isn't. Thanks! Flove You! <3

Niall's POV

We reached Six Flags and Isabelle looked really happy. "OMG I love Six Flags! Niall why are we here?" "Because i am taking you on our first date." Her face lit up and she leaned over and kissed me. I kissed her back and we passionately kissed for one or two minutes. The i handed her her some sunglasses and we walked to get the tickets. After we got the tickets we entered the park and we made our may to the rides. We rode some rides and some of them we rode multiple times others only once or twice. We made our way over to the Batwing (its an awesome ride) and we rode that like 500 times. I don't know how Isabelle didn't get sick. Then we rode Superman, Jokers Jinx and a few others. We were walking when Isabelle saw a giant monkey at one of those stands where you have to play for the prize. We walked over hand in hand and i payed the man running the booth and i played the game. After a few tries, like one or two, time, i won. "YES YES YAY!" Isabelle was really happy when i won. i got the giant green monkey. Isabelle took the monkey in her arms. It was almost as big as her. Partly because the monkey was so big but also because she was kinda short. She looked so adorable and happy. I took a picture of her and the monkey. I had been taking pictures all day so i could remember this day forever. We made our way over to the Ferris wheel and Isabelle said "Ar-Are we going o-on the Fe-Fe-Fe-Ferris wheel??" "yeah why?" i said looking over at her. She had now stop walking "Its just that i don't really like Ferris wheels. I don't like how high it goes and the fact that you can fall out!" "Wait back up you don't like heights? But we just went on all of those giant roller coasters!" "I know i'm weird like that, i LOVE roller coasters but i dislike heights and Ferris wheels," she said "Its weird, like the height of the roller coasters don't bother me but Ferris wheels bother me. I don't understand it either." "Its OK love. Would you be willing to ride it ONCE withe me? and if you don't like it we don't have to ride it again." "Yeah sure Niall." "Okay c'mon lets get in line!" I kissed her cheek then we walked over to the line. We stood in line for a little bit and some girl walked up from behind us and heard me talking to Isabelle and she said "OMG!" "Shhhh!" i said knowing what was going to happen and i wasn't going to let a fan ruin my first date with my princess. "Yo-you're Niall " "yes. please don't scream! i'm on a first date with my girlfriend " Isabelle waved and the fan waved back. "Aw that's so cute! So are you Isabelle?" the asked "yea" said Isabelle shyly. "Can i p;ease have your autograph Isabelle and Niall?" "What why me?" Isabelle asked. "Cuz your Niall's girlfriend and you're REALLY pretty!" "aw thanks." said Isabelle blushing. We signed something quickly and we took a few quick pictures with her. Then it was time to get on the Ferris wheel so we got on and I could tell that Isabelle was really scared. "Hey Belle its gonna be okay." I said rubbing her hand. I looked down and saw her tattoo and asked try to keep her mind off the fact that she was on a Ferris wheel. "Why did you and Alyssa get that tattoo? Like any reason or just to get it?" "Oh well Alyssa and i were at the mall looking at things that we knew that we couldn't buy, and we came across a little place to get tattoos and each had enough money so we got an infinity sign to symbolize all that we had been through and that we would be there for each other forever and always." she said wiping away a few tears. But i knew she was happy because she was smiling a little. "That's really sweet Isabelle. I like tattoos that actually have some meaning behind them." I said kissing her cheek. After we finished talking she finally caught up to the fact that we were up really far. Her face went pale. I let go of her hand and put my arm around her. We got to the top and she looked around at everything. "Ooh ooh look," she said pointing "you can see the Jokers Jinx! And the Batwing! Oh and look! Its the drop!" She looked excited and not scared anymore. After sitting at the top for a while she asked "Why aren't we moving?" "I don't know must be stuck or broken." "BROKEN?!?!?" "Don't worry it'll be fine." "But if we are stuck up here forever?" she was scared again. After sitting there for a while comforting Isabelle she started to freak again. "Its been 15 minutes!" she said "What if they never fix it?" and she just kept rambling on about everything when i put my hands on her face leaned in and kissed her. As soon as my lips touched hers the Ferris Wheel started to move again. We kissed passionately until we got to the bottom. We probably would've kept kissing but everyone had now figured out that i was Niall because everyone was screaming and there were paparazzi everywhere. We got off i grabbed Isabelle's free hand (she had the giant monkey in her other hand) and we started to run for the exit. Of course as we ran we attracted more people and there were others behind us along with the paparazzi snapping pictures every 5 seconds. We made it to the exit and we stopped for a quick second to catch out breath and then we sprinted to the car. We got in and sat there looking to see if there were anymore fans or paparazzi around. Nope. "Hey sorry about that." I said partially out of breath. "Nah its fine," said Isabelle who was completely out of breath "It was fun." "Im glad you had fun on our first date." "And now i dont have a fear of Ferris Wheel's." she said with a smile. We both sat there breathing heavily for a few minutes and then we started to make our way home.


A/N Hey how you doin? WOW that was a big long chapter! Sorry about that my little leprechauns! I hope you like it! keep reading, liking, favouriting, and commenting! You guys are amazing! FLOVE YOU!!! <3



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