Be My Summer Love

Two girls, Alyssa and Isabelle, run away in hopes of a better future. When they get into a car accident, they meet 5 boys that change their life.


16. Car Ride

Harry's P.O.V

Niall came up to me and said, "I think the girls have had enough action for today. We should probably get back to the flat."

We used the same arrangement with the cars and started to drive home. Alyssa's eyes were distant and staring out of the car window. 

"Have you told your parents? They must've seen your scars and bruises." I asked, bringing her attention to me.

"Yeah, but they don't give a shit about it. They say I should be able to defend myself," She sighed.

"Is your arm feeling any better?" I glanced at it.

"A little but it still doesn't feel great." she responded.

"When we get back to the flat, we can get it properly bandaged up," I said.

"Actually, I'm kinda hungry. Are you?" I realized.

"Yeah, a little." She smiled.

"Do you like Chipotle?" I asked and she nodded. She opened her window and her hair started to flow in the wind.She looked so gorgeous but fragile. I really wanted to ask her out, but after today, I didn't want to scare her. Okay, I have a plan. I opened my phone and pretended to be reading a text. "Hey, the rest of them are going to a Nando' s nearby, do you want to go?" She took the toilet paper off her arm, being used a bandage, and I saw her arm was looking a little better. She responded, "Yeah, it's fine. My arm's starting to feel less pain." Yes! She said sure! Perfect. I started to drive to the Nando' s where we where "meeting" the lads. I stopped the car immediately and she looked really surprised. "Why di-" I cut her off and kissed her. "Sorry, I…uh… wanted to wait until we got to Nando' s but I couldn't wait that long." I tried to explain. "Why did you kiss me?" She asked. "Because the second I saw you sitting on my hospital bed, I fell in love with you. I always wanted to call you mine, Alyssa. Plus, if you can keep a secret, Niall fancies Isabelle. So I was wondering… will you go out with me?" She looked like she was about to cry. "Harry, every part of me wants to say yes, but I can't give you what you deserve. You deserve perfect, and I'm far from that. You deserve someone who's a model or something, not me." She said. "The thing is, you are perfect, but no one ever tells you that you are. I want to date you because you're beautiful, smart, funny, brave, beautiful, and beautiful." I said and She giggled. I unbuckled my seat belt, so I could lift her head up and we kissed. This time she kissed back making me smile on her lips. "That is the nicest thing anyone's ever told me, it makes me feel like maybe I'm not a mistake. I'll go out with you but if you don't, I'll understand." I started to smile ear to ear. "One more thing, we're not meeting the lads at Nando's, I'm taking you there for for our first date." She started to smile and I started to drive again.


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