Be My Summer Love

Two girls, Alyssa and Isabelle, run away in hopes of a better future. When they get into a car accident, they meet 5 boys that change their life.


5. Alyssa background

Hi, I'm Alyssa. I'm originally from Mullingar, but when I was about 15, my family moved to Manchester because of my dad's job. That's when my life started getting worse. Ever since I'd moved here, everyone picked on me. People call me names and hurt me physically as well. One of the few people who sticks up for me is Isabelle. She gets abused by her parents daily. We each have infinity sign tattoos because we will be there for each other forever as cheesey as that sounds haha. Isabelle has an older brother and he's pretty much great at everything. We almost never hang out at her house because her parents are shitheads and have me beaten me for trying to defend Izzy.  I would do anything for her; she is my only friend and I'm glad I have her to help me when I get bullied.

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