Be My Summer Love

Two girls, Alyssa and Isabelle, run away in hopes of a better future. When they get into a car accident, they meet 5 boys that change their life.


18. 28 Days Later

Alyssa's P.O.V

Harry is such a sweetheart, and I can't believe he asked me out. We were driving to Nando's for our first date. We finally got there and we got out of Harry' s car. He took my hand as we walked into Nando's. When it was time for us to order, he wrapped his arms around me and asked, "What would you like, love?" I giggled then ordered. Harry ordered after me and we got a table and sat. Harry was grinning like mad. "What are you so happy about?" I asked him curiously. He grinned even more then responded, "Just being here with you makes me this happy." Our food came about 5 minutes later. We devoured our food. Nando's is the best! Once we got our plates taken away, after we were done of course, the waiter came around with the check. Harry was starting to pay when I said, "Harry, let me pay!" "You're my date, and when you're with me, you will never spend a dime!" he protested. (A/N NO! Jimmy protested.) "At least let me pay for my food!" I begged. "Nope."He responded popping the p. He gave the waiter the check and we started to leave. We were just outside of Nando's and he closed the door as we got outside. Right at the door, he stopped, then asked, "Can I ask you a question?" "You just did." I joked. "Fine. Can I ask you THREE questions? The lads do this all the time." I giggled then said, "Of course." "Well then, can I...umm...kiss you?" he asked. "You don't need to ask, Harry." and with that, he put his arms on my waist and I put my arms around his neck, and we started snogging. He is an amazing kisser. He pulled away, grinned, then said, "Let's go home." We hopped in his car and he said cheekily, "You're a good kisser." "What? How am I good? It was my first." I replied. "Really? You've never had a boyfriend?" he asked. "Nope." I said mockingly. He laughed then turned on the radio. I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift came on and I started singing along. After the song was over, he said, "You're a really talented singer, Alyssa" I blushed then he said,"You're so adorable when you blush." "Well then I should look gorgeous, 'cause you just made me blush even more." I remarked. He chuckled then we pulled up to the flat. We got out and when we got to the door, Harry grabbed my hand and kissed me on the cheek. We got up to the flat, still holding hands, and Harry was grinning like mad. "Hello boys...and girls..." He kept smiling then said, "Are you guys seriously not going to ask about us holding hands? Really?!?" Right when Isabelle was about to ask Harry, he interrupted her and said, "I asked Alyssa out." Everybody looked so happy. Dani said, "Alyssa, that's amazing!" and Perrie added, "You are officially part of the girlfriend club! Isabelle looked happier than I've ever seen her. Out of nowhere, Niall asks, "Isabelle, will you go out with me?" Isabelle was opening her mouth to speak when someone knocked on the door. Louis went to go get the door and when he opened it, I saw Joseph, Isabelle's older brother. Isabelle and Joseph hugged then she introduced him to the lads and the girls. Soon after that, Isabelle's parents came in and told her to get in the car. She was just standing there, shocked to see her parents. That made her parents furious.They came in and started beating her. That's when Niall yelled,"HEY get away from her!" When Isabelle's parents started walking towards Niall, Harry grabbed me by the shoulders and wrapped his arms around me protectively. I love him. Liam and Louis jumped on Isabelle's mum and dad's backs knocking them to the ground.  Niall ran over to Isabelle and started to hug her to try to get her to calm down. Isabelle's mum and dad got out of Liam and Louis' grip. Joseph yelled at them to get out and they got even more mad. He showed then that he had already dialed 911.

Harry's P.O.V

I wasn't going to let anyone hurt Alyssa, she'd already gone through enough today with the bullies. I wrapped my arms around her and will not let go until she's safe. Joseph pressed call on his phone then threw it to Isabelle. She was trying to tell the police what was going on but she was crying so much that she couldn't talk so Niall took over and told them the details. They came about 2 minutes later, took Isabelle's mum and dad away in cuffs. She thanked the lads for helping then walked over to Niall and said, "Yes." He looked confused and answered, "What?" "I'll go out with you, Niall" He lit up like a Christmas tree then gave her a huge Horan hug. Then he FINALLY made his move on her and kissed her. I had Alyssa turn around then we started to kiss. Eleanor was taking pictures of us and Niall and Isabelle kissing.  "Alright, lads, enough PDA." Louis joked. I kissed Alyssa's nose then we sat on the couch. She sat on my lap and Isabelle sat on Niall' s lap. "May I be the first person to put you cute couples online?" Eleanor begged. Isabelle looked at Niall for permission and said, "Only if you want, love." "Yeah, it's fine, El." Isabelle responded. "Yes!" she said happily. "What about you, Harry and Alyssa?" she asked us. She turned around at me. "I wanna show the WHOLE world that you're mine, but if you don't want to yet, I'm okay with that." I said to Alyssa. "Well I'm okay with it and so are you so that would be a yes Eleanor." She smiled like a little kid on Halloween then started typing on her phone. "Done!" she said, "It's on Twitter now, so everyone knows about you. Isabelle, welcome to the girlfriend club!" she informed us happily. I kissed Alyssa on the cheek because she was still on my lap. "OH! WHO WANTS TO WATCH 28 Days Later? Everyone raised their hand except for Isabelle, who turned pale at the mention of a horror film. "Don't worry, princess, I'll keep you safe." said Niall to Isabelle. "Okay..." she responded. "YAY!!!"yelled Louis. The film started and I held Alyssa close to me, so she wouldn't be afraid because she was shaking. "Love, are you scared? 'Cause you're shaking quite a bit." She nodded and I held her as she rested her head by my neck. Right then, a zombie just jumped out of nowhere and onto the screen. Alyssa buried her face in my chest. I kissed her head trying to make her feel better. She stopped shaking but her face was still away from the screen. Niall just "yawned" and put his arm around Isabelle. That flirt. All Alyssa fell asleep on my lap and her head on my neck. I got out my phone and took a picture of us and posted it on Instagram with the caption, "Isn't she lovely? @alyssalipsman5 " Surprisingly, she wasn't woken up by the flash. She looked beautiful, like an angel. Zayn and Perrie were already asleep. Isabelle scooted over to me and said, "She really likes you, Harry. I can tell because she's never acted this happy. By the way, I ship you guys, you're adorable together." "Thanks, Isabelle. I don't really know what our mashup name will be. I can tell Niall likes you a lot. He's had a couple of girlfriends but he was never mad about them like he is with you." I said back. She nodded and went back to cuddling with Niall. I checked my Instagram and saw there were already 87 comments on my photo of Alyssa and I. I scrolled through the comments and saw things like: That girl better step of my Harry or Awww she's so pretty, LOVE YOU HARRY!

I loved those kinds of directioners who support us no matter what. I don't care what people will say about me and Alyssa, I love her with all my heart and I'm not letting go of her.

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