Emblem3 Fanfic(Finished)

Meet Chiara,Hannah and Gia,it is summer break so they diside to go to Hannah dads camp.But they don't know that emblem3 will be there.They will become really good friends.Will they become more then friends?


5. Twitcaming

Hannah's P.O.V.

I woke up feeling a bit wet,because last night we were in the water for like 2 hours and it was 1:00a.m. I put on some shorts and a blue bathing suit top,then I spayed my self with bug spay,It smelled so bad.I walk out of the cabin and I saw drew,westley and keaton walking on a path way.I ran up to them and said"hey boys""hey girl"west said"what's up"keaton said."Nothin,do guys wanna do something today"I asked,they all agreed."I be right back go sit on the bench over there"I said well running to my cabin.I grabbed my laptop and logged into twitter then I ran back to the boys.When I sat down I was starting a twitcam.There was 500 veiws,drew and keaton left to get chiara and gia.To be honest I was kindof glad they left because I wanted to be alone with wes.I really like wes.Keaton and Drew were gone with gia and chiara for about an 1 hour or so.A couple people asked if me and wes were dating but we both had to say no :(Wes walked me back to my cabin.I didn't feel good so he walked me to my cabin.Then he gave me a kiss on the cheak "bye cheaky monkey" wes said "bye"I yelled back.Today was so amazing beside the part that I don't feel good.


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