Emblem3 Fanfic(Finished)

Meet Chiara,Hannah and Gia,it is summer break so they diside to go to Hannah dads camp.But they don't know that emblem3 will be there.They will become really good friends.Will they become more then friends?


6. muscle feeling

Gia P.O.V.

"Heyy" drew said well walking up to me.I was walking by my self,because the rest were walking

together "heyy,whats up?"I asked "nothin,heyy do wanna feel my muscles"he asked.I got kind of

creep out but you know I love feeling muscles."Sure?"I said,his muscles felt good to feel.This was so

weird feeling my friends muscles."You do know this does't mean were dating"I said "ya I know"he

said.I never felt muscles be for on a guy I like...as a friend.

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