Emblem3 Fanfic(Finished)

Meet Chiara,Hannah and Gia,it is summer break so they diside to go to Hannah dads camp.But they don't know that emblem3 will be there.They will become really good friends.Will they become more then friends?


4. chapter 4

Gia P.O.V.

We were all runing to the lake.I was wearing a zebra 2 piece bathing suit.I jumped in last,the water was kind of cold but not freezing.

Chiara's P.O.V.

I jumped in the lake and then swam to keaton."Hey" I said to keaton "hey,what's up"he said."I think your really cute"I bladded out,what did just say!?"I think your really cute too"keaton said.OMG did he just say what I think he did??I could not help but kiss him and when I did he didn't stop me.This was the best day of my life!!!!!

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