Emblem3 Fanfic(Finished)

Meet Chiara,Hannah and Gia,it is summer break so they diside to go to Hannah dads camp.But they don't know that emblem3 will be there.They will become really good friends.Will they become more then friends?


3. Chapter 3

Gia P.O.V.

We where here!!!We were driving by all around the cabins.There was only like 5 cabins taken,there was about 10 cabins.We were at our cabin and we ran in well Hannah's dad carried the suit cases.Hannah dad left and it was just us for 3 weeks.It was 6:50 so we got changed.I put on a short top and shorts.

Hannah P.O.V.

I put on a short top and shorty shorts.We were walking around all the cabins and we asked them if it was ok to have a fire.Because once when we rented a different cabin and the people beside us called the cops on us because we were having a fire.Anyway,so we walked to the last cabin and I asked "do you mind if we have a fire".A guy that looked really cute said"of course""Um your westley...from emblem3!"I cryed."Yes I am" wes laughed."So um...thanks"chiara said well keaton was walking out of the cabin."Um...hi"keaton said "hi"wes said."Um do you guys want to come with us"I asked"sure"wes said.We walked back and got the fire starting.We could see the three of them,I saw drew and west with a guitar.This was so awsome!!!

Chiara P.O.V.

Keaton sat beside me and he was so cute "um...I'm going in the lake anyone want to come?"I asked "sure"they all said.I took off my top and shorts and I ran in the water,I had my bathingsuit under it.The boys went and changed and so did gia and hannah.




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