Galaxy Voids

My name is Sharon. For the past four years, I've been locked up in a dungeon under Seis Acedemy, imprisoned for a few murders. Finally, I've been released back into the academy! Under the name Xero, I'll have to survive the next three years learning the ways of the elements.


1. Freedom

"He's going to let free?!"
"Indeed. Obey your Minister,"
"B-but what if he goes murdering again?"
"He won't. Open his cell, bring him here, I'll talk to him."

The Minister sat down on a wood-carved chair, facing the Jailer's desk, filled with skulls and knives and scraps of paper. He waited anxiously, wondering if the boy would start punching at the Jailer.
A clang of metal could be heard, and the Jailer came out with a dirty boy, having both the boy's hands tied behind his back. The Minister stood up, and took the chains the Jailer tied to the boy's wrists and pulled him into a seat, sitting in front of him Ina bother chair.
"What'd yah want?" The boy muttered, looked down at his shoes, his red hair flaring in all directions.
"Your going back to Seis Academy. It's about time you got some education, after all these years new things have been popping up, and new technology." The Minister replied, he rubbed his long white beard. "Besides, you are my son. I don't want some idiot son that doesn't know how to do any element wielding at all."
The boy sighed, looked up at his father with his emerald green eyes, having a serious look. "Wouldn't the teens know about me? I've been in the newspapers for three years, I'm sure they'll remember my name."
"You will go under a different name."
The boy opened up his eyes, a gleam of excitement twinkled in his eyes. "What will it be? I'm in ith this plan if I get to go back to Seis Academy!"
The Minister hid a smile under his beard, and stroked it happily. "Xero. But beware, since you were twelve last time you went, you'll have to go to the fithteen year-olds territory..."
The boy stood up, a smile spread across his face and he nodded. "Xero is a great name! When do I get started?"
"After you wash up." The Minister joked
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