Sweet Treats

My name is Lauren, my mom and I run a bakery in London, it was a normal day just working and serving the sweetest treats known around town until five adorable boys walked in and ordered more than just what was on the menu.


2. Woah man!

They all introduced themselves, the one that order the blueberry muffins name was Niall, the one that order the raspberry tart was Louis, the one that order the croissant was Harry, the chocolate cupcake was for Liam, and the key lime pie was for Zayn.
weird, their names sound so familiar..
They asked me my name and age and what I was doing later, apparently they thought I was cute..

So I answered calmly "Lauren, 18, and after work in an hour nothing"

"Great, we will pick you up here in an hour then." Niall said confidently.
"Woah man, you expect me to just go with you guys to unknown locations..?" I asked kinda joking kinda not..
"Come on we won't bite!" Louis exlaimed,
Well it had been a while since I had gone out and these boys were really cute!

So I asked my mom to go out and she agreed, an hour later I was out with the boys in a really pumpin club, and I actually felt great, a remix of a song was blaring through the speakers,
"Crazy, crazy, crazy, till we..." and then the remix part kicked in, it was that one boy band that's all the rage right now.. I tried thinking of their names, I thought of Harry first, most likely cause the girls love him! Then Liam, that's weird I just met a Harry and Liam.. Then Zayn and Louis.. Wait.. And Niall!!! Oh my god! I was out at a club with one direction!!!!
I was still in shock when a grinning Harry slowly strutted over to me and came really close to my face and asked me to dance.
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