Sweet Treats

My name is Lauren, my mom and I run a bakery in London, it was a normal day just working and serving the sweetest treats known around town until five adorable boys walked in and ordered more than just what was on the menu.


8. What Does That Mean?

Hey guys sorry for the short chapter and sorry I haven't been updating, just been super busy! Thanks to those of you who have stuck around and waited! Love you all and thanks for reading! <3

-ThePopsangria xX


Harry and I hung out a lot after that, he even asked me to be his girlfriend last night! Though I haven't answered him yet.. I just don't know, I mean I really like Harry and want to be his girlfriend I just didn't want to be hurt again. The way Jude left me and broke me was the worst experience of my life. I just have to remember that was a long time ago and Harry wouldn't do that to me, he's coming over in about ten minutes so I quickly fixed my makeup and hair and got ready for his arrival, I set up a bunch of movies and sat on my couch with my phone until I heard a knock on the door,

"Hey Harry!" I said with a smile,

"Hey Babe!" he smiled ear to ear as he pulled me in for an amazing hug, he smelled so amazing!

We walked hand in hand to the couch and I asked him what movie he wanted to watch while spreading the movies out on the coffee table, but he didn't respond, I sat up and looked at him only to find him staring intently at me.     

"What....?" I asked him,

"What's your answer?" He said nervously,

"Answer to what?" I asked guiltily,

"Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked steadily,

It took me a minute.. I had to think about everything, the fans, the hate, the paps, everything just came rushing in and I started getting freaked out, I guess Harry could tell because he placed a hand on my shoulder,

"Look it's fine if you don't want to.." he was lying, I could tell by the hurt in his eyes,

"No Harry, I do want to. I was just over analyzing like always," I tried a smile to comfort him,

"So what does that mean?" he questioned,

"It means, yes. I will be your girlfriend," I smiled.

He shouted out in joy and jumped off the couch, lifting me in his arms and spinning me around until we fell over, him landing on top of me. 
He kissed my nose and grinned, I kissed his cheek and we continued to kiss eachothers faces all over until our lips finally met. It was amazing, magic, fantastic, the greatest thing I have ever experienced in my life. It was passionate and Harry decided to deepen it my sliding his tongue into my mouth and letting our tongues get acquainted, I let out a soft moan, he pulled back and grinned, he stood up an lifting me with him, wrapping my legs around his waist, he pulled my close and my lower area could feel him growing harder and harder in his pants, I was under his spell and I would do whatever he wanted at this point. 
He carried me around my flat looking for my bedroom and after walking into my office, my bathroom, and my laundry room he finally found my bedroom, he placed me down on the bed and climbed on top of me, he kissed up my neck and I let out another moan, as did he at the sound of my pleasure.
We took all of our clothes off and I know you can guess what happened next, it was amazing, his thrusts so even and pleasure full, he really knew how to make me cringe and grip onto the sheets for dear life as I screamed his name.. It was and always will be the greatest sex I have ever had.
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