Sweet Treats

My name is Lauren, my mom and I run a bakery in London, it was a normal day just working and serving the sweetest treats known around town until five adorable boys walked in and ordered more than just what was on the menu.


9. Shit! I'm late....

I woke up next to a snoring curly mop next to me and I looked at my clock, it read "12:00" Shit! I was late for work, I threw on clothes and bolted out the door, I got in my car and put my hair up at a red light, I pulled in front of the bakery and walked into my mom who didn't look to happy, the bakery was crazy busy and it was just her and the new younger girl that had just started. I was working for about two hours when Harry barged in with a worried expression on his face, I walked up to him and pulled him close to me,

"Baby, what's wrong?" I asked, very concerned,

"I didn't know where you were.. I got worried.." he muttered, clearly relieved to see me,

"I was late for work when I woke up, sorry I didn't have time to explain I left my phone at my flat," I told him,

"Yeah I know," he smiled while handing me my phone,

"Oh thanks so much!" I kissed him quickly and abruptly on the lips and pulled him in for a hug,

"Yeah, anytime," he grinned,

That's when I turned to see my mom behind the counter looking angry but also concerned, 

"What something to eat?" I asked Harry nicely,

"Yeah sure," he said sweetly,

We walked hand in hand over to my mom,

"Mom, this is my boyfriend Harry." I introduced them,

"Hi," Harry said smiling as he reached out his hand,

"Nice to meet you, please, call me Patricia," she said kindly

"Sure thing,"he replied, great! They were getting along alright for now..

I made Harry some toast and oatmeal for breakfast, the bread was homemade as was the oatmeal. My mom loved to make things,

He munched on his breakfast and seemed to really be enjoying it, Harry stayed in the bakery behind the counter on his phone while I worked, my shift was almost over seeing as how I was the last employee present, my mom left an hour ago and the young new girl just left a few minutes ago, ten minutes before closing because I caught her staring at Harry in a way I didn't like very much.

I had just closed the shop and Harry was still behind the counter,

"What do you want to do?" I asked him,

"Bake." he said sternly and stubbornly,

"What?" I questioned him,

"We're in a bakery, it's just the two of us. Let's bake something!" he said while jumping out of his seat and into the kitchen in the back of the bakery,

He started flipping through the recipe book,

"Hmmm.... I feel like cupcakes...." he said, clearly concentrating on his decision, I wrapped my arms around him from behind and lied with the side of my face against his warm back.

"Doesn't matter," I muttered into his jumper,

"Let's do some cupcakes an we can share them with the boys tomorrow!!!" he said excitedly,

"Sure!" I agreed happily,

So we got everything we needed out and started to make the cupcakes, throughout the process there was a flour war, a flour covered make out session, a sugar battle, eggs cracked on heads, and another make out session up against the fridge,

The cupcakes came out beautifully, the were vanilla bean and looked amazing, we decorated them to look like union jacks and then one Irish flag for Niall, we made about a dozen so it really stood out. Harry nonchalantly pushed the cupcakes aside and moved his hands to rest on my bum, he lifted me so my legs wrapped around his waist, we lied down on the decorating table and started to really make out, clothes were ripped off and tongues were trailing, we eventually got into the point of having sex in the middle of my moms kitchen in her grandmothers legacy bakery.. Wonder what my great-grandma would think of this.... When we finished Harry magically found a blanket and draped it over us as we sat on the floor together in front of the decorating table, we fed each other our cupcakes and Harry was just about to lick some leftover icing off my lips when his eyes travelled behind me and grew wide, I quickly turned around not realizing I had nothing on and saw my mother with a shocked and very pissed off expression on her face,

"Lauren! Cover yourself!" she yelled,

Harry looked so uncomfortable and embarrassed, 

"Look mom... I'm sorry.. We were baking and things just got... Carried away," I explained,

"Yeah, I'm really s-" Harry tried,

"Don't even speak, grab your clothes and the your cupcakes and get out," she said sternly, avoiding looking at a stark naked Harry, he went to kiss me goodbye then realized how wrong it would have been, I shot him an apologetic glance as he left looking more depressed than ever.

"You're fired," she said sternly,

"What? No! Mom you can't do that!!" I yelled,

"Yes I can, and I will, how long have you even known that boy? A day? A week? Do you really feel like repeating what happened with Jude?" she yelled,

"He's not like that mom! Jude was bad from the beginning! Harry is so sweet and kind," I  cried,

"I don't want you seeing him anymore," she muttered, still sternly speaking though,

"No mom! Take away my job, my flat, or my car, but you cannot take Harry from me!" I cried,

"I'm not, I'm taking you from him," she snapped,

"No... Please.... Mom...." I whimpered, 

"Yes, now get home and get yourself cleaned up, and I better not find out you were with Harry again or I swear to god I will take everything from you, and you will come back home," she screamed,

"You already have taken everything! I have nothing!" I cried/screamed as I stomped out, slamming the glass door leaving a slight crack in it,

I sped home and dialed Harry,

I got his voicemail,

"Harry, it's Lauren. Look I'm really sorry about what happened. Thing is, mom doesn't want me to see you anymore. But I don't care.. I.. I.. Love you Harry Styles..." I said into his voicemail and ended the call.

An hour later my phone buzzed, I jumped on it and checked the caller ID but it wasn't who I truly wanted it to be, it was much much worse.
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