Sweet Treats

My name is Lauren, my mom and I run a bakery in London, it was a normal day just working and serving the sweetest treats known around town until five adorable boys walked in and ordered more than just what was on the menu.


3. I looked back

The music was pumping and the drinks kept on coming, Harry and I grinded for what felt likes hours, he asked me outside for some air and I checked the time on my phone 1:30 wow I guess it had been hours... I leaned up against the wall a few steps ahead of him, he walked over to me and pressed up against me, pushing me into the wall, his hand slowly rising up my thigh, moving closer and closer to my inner thigh, a whimper escaped my lips, I wasn't a virgin so I wasn't scared, I had done it before with my ex, enfaces on the EX part, he used me for the sex and after I gave him my virginity he left me, a text, nothing more...
That was a year ago, I hadn't had a boyfriend since then,  
Harry kissed up my neck and I stopped him, lightly pushing his face away from my collarbone, by this time my legs were wrapped around his hips holding him close. 
"Not tonight Harry, I don't want either of us to regret it tomorrow." I explain softly
"But... But I really want to.." he muttered,
"I have to go.." and with that I left and looked back to a teary eyed Harry. But I kept walking.
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