Sweet Treats

My name is Lauren, my mom and I run a bakery in London, it was a normal day just working and serving the sweetest treats known around town until five adorable boys walked in and ordered more than just what was on the menu.


6. He Took My Hand

We talked for over an hour, just about everything, he had to know I hated him.

"Look Jude, you left me, you took my virginity and left. I have nothing to say to you except fuck off." I said sternly to my horrific ex boyfriend.

"No, come on. Remember how you felt about me? Remember all that love?" he questioned me, also sternly,

"No, I don't. It's all be clouded over by hate, you're such an asshole. Leave now!"

"Fine, but this isn't the last time you will see me," he said as he rose from his seat and walked out, never looking back.

I collapsed on the table, I was really tired but it was mostly because of the recent conversation and unwanted visit from my ex, I closed up the store and began walking home, I lent my car to my mom because hers wouldn't start, the streets weren't empty but they weren't filled with people, it was mid July so most people were in clubs rather than walking around outside, I was walking in silence when someone called my name, I looked back to see Harry, I wipe my tear filled eyes that Jude had given me. He was with a girl, he had his arms wrapped around her waist with one hand on her bum and the other on the back of her neck while his tongue was exploring her tonsils, glad to see he doesn't wait up. Another tear fell from my eye, he ran over to me, well stumbled, he was clearly wasted, 

"I've missed you," he said grinning, obviously glad to see me.. I look at the girl he was just with, she was already flirting with some guy in line,

"Sure as hell doesn't look like it," I turn to walk away,

"Please don't do that to me again.." he said sadly

"Why? You have that other girl?"

"I really don't.. She was all over me.. I couldn't refuse.."

"I have heard way to many pointless explanations tonight, goodbye Harry.." I said louder than my previous statements and walked away, and fast.


I woke up with a tear stained face and my hair a mess, I jumped in the shower, and brushed my hair all out. It reached me elbows, I hadn't worn my hair down in so long, I liked it. I put on a pink lace strapless blouse, some black high waisted shorts that my blouse tucked into, and some spiked black heels, I grabbed my bag and jumped out the door into the warm London air. I had the day off but I needed my car so I walked my way to the store, I also wanted to check up on my mom...
I walked in to a slightly busy store so I walked and took a few orders from tables for my mom and she thanked me and handed me my keys, she had a new girl who was in training there, she was baking in the back, I walked back and tested the batter of the cupcakes she was making, they looked good and they were purple, I licked the batter off my finger and added half a cup of sugar, she looked at me like I was crazy. I laughed it off and walked back out into the store, only to see Harry sitting at a table waiting for his order to be taken, or at least that's what I hoped he wanted, my mom was taking other orders and directed me to the table then she said I could go, I walked over to his table and sat down..

"Hey..." he said quietly, clearly on a terrible hangover,

"Hi," I responded softly,

"I'm sorry.." he tried apologizing,

"I had a really bad night last night, I should be more sorry than anyone, you don't deserve me to be walking away on you like I keep doing," I did really feel bad, 

"It's ok.. I like the chase, and I really like you, not just because you're super hot but because you treat me like a person and you're really cool to be around." he explained,

"Thanks Harry.. I feel bad for everything, can we have a do over? I have the day off, we can do something..?" I asked calmly and apologetically,

"Can you at least take my order first?" he grinned at me as he took my hand.
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