Sweet Treats

My name is Lauren, my mom and I run a bakery in London, it was a normal day just working and serving the sweetest treats known around town until five adorable boys walked in and ordered more than just what was on the menu.


11. A Sad Goodbye

I know some of you enjoyed reading this movella, but I hope it inspired you to get creative and write your own wonderful story. I'm sure some of you will miss this movella and I'm going to miss writing it but in all honesty I'm lost and have nothing to write. I'm not going to delete it so that if I ever get a random idea I can just add it. Thanks to everyone for reading, if you enjoyed this check out my other movellas, "It Started With A Party", "The Wedding", and "The Perfect Match", thanks so much all of you! Love you all!! <3

-ThePopsangria xX
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