Risy Behavior


5. Chapter 5

The drive was short since we were already in the downtown area and to my surprise; not really, we were at the A-list club in the city. The bouncer immediately let us pass and I couldn’t help but giggle at all the girls waiting in line, gawking at Harry and me. I felt a bit superior which I shouldn’t have but the feeling swept through me.

I walk in in amazement, everything is so different from any weird college party that I have been too. College parties were at houses or dorms normally and that to this was just a huge improvement. I’d take tables and loud classy music to stairs and frat boys any day.

It was two floors to the club, the VIP section upstairs, and again, wasn’t surprised when Harry tugged me up the stairs. As I went up I looked around at the mass crowd on the floor, bodies moving to the beat of the music and many people were already way too drunk to care how stupid they looked.

Purple and blue lights flashed around us as various people were yelling random nonsense and other people just making out on the walls. I could see various waiters going around picking up empty glasses everywhere and then there were those weirdo guys who stared out on the floor, most likely rapists who were finding some poor woman. I shuddered at the thought but who knows, my mind comes up with the most horrendous and stupid things.

My profile mind did kick in though as we entered the VIP room. It was odd, because it was like a private party of its own. The music on the bottom floor was only heard by opening the doors leading down the stairs but other than that, we had our own party going on. And why was I saying we?

The music was loud though, and it was descent enough to make my head bob slightly. It was all so new to me that I was too busy taking in everything to notice that Harry had sat me down at a VIP table.

“What do you want to drink,” Harry asks, his eyes scanning over my face. I see his hard face turn to one of humor and I scowl at him before answering him.

“I’ll have whatever you offer,” I reply, winking and giggling as his eyebrow arches again.

“Stay here,” Harry instructs me, before disappearing to get drinks. It’s not like I have anywhere else to go now is there?

As I said before my profile mind was clicked on and I scanned the group of ‘VIP’ people and tapped onto their behavior. They honestly had no care in the world and o obviously had consumed way too much alcohol to be even remotely stable.

The women definitely had their ‘I’m sexy and I want you’ side going on as they danced as best as they could to the music. Though there were those few girls that seemed as lost as I felt here. In fact they looked terrified if you looked hard enough. And it was a particular pair of girls too, they all sat at the table across from mine and the looked around trying to find someone, or avoid looking at them.

“Hello love,” Harry’s voice sounded next to me. I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at him, holding two gin and cokes.

“Why thank you good sir. Is this part of your plan,” I ask, taking one of the glasses from him. He sits down next to me before that oh-so-famous smirk returns.

“And what plan would that be,” he asks, his hand dropping underneath the table. I nearly spit my drunk out at his touch but I’m not surprised by it. He has turned to o e frisky man as of late and I for one wasn’t complaining.

“Trying to get in my pants,” I replied, putting my hand on his to stop him from edging forward. An evil glint sparkled in his eyes and I could feel my insides melt at this. Why was I so turned on by such a thing? I must be going mad, I must be.

“Well, Ms. Winston, you do not have any pants to get into, just panties,” Harry says. I watched in awe as he licks his lips slowly and tantalizingly slow before his hand moved upward, my hand just limply staying on top.

“Harry,” I whimper as his thumb begins to rub circles into my inner thigh, way too close to my… area.

“I want to make you feel good,” he whispers softly and all in one sentence he has my full attention and cooperation. I honestly have never felt the way he was making me feel and it was so refreshing and new to me I just let it happen.

“Come on,” he says suddenly and before I know it we are on the dance floor with every other VIP member there. The music has picked up and some girls turn to Harry and I, envy written all over their face. I can tell they are jealous of me, Harry being the best looking out of the guys there.

“In honor of a singer in our midst, this one’s for you, Styles,” the DJ rang out, a new beat starting. Oh really? This was one of their songs? I hadn’t noticed.

“Harry, what are you doing,” I yell at him, the music booming around us.

“Dancing, what else,” Harry says, a smirk playing on his lips. Dancing? He called that dancing? That was just shoulder thrusts with hip thrusts. I burst out laughing while he began to ‘shimmy’ towards me.

“Harry, you’re drunk. Oh my god, stop it,” I yelped, laughing as I backed away from him. He only arched his eyebrows before pulling me towards him.

“Come on Em, dance with me,” he says, his hot breath landing on my face.

I watched his eyes turn a more somber color green and smiled softly. Someone should show him a proper dance anyways right?

“Fine,” I answer back and I turn my back to him, edging away slowly. He catches on quickly, grabbing my hand and soon enough my back is pressed against his front.

“You don’t play fair,” Harry says into my ear, one hand on my waist while the other lands on my thigh. I suppress a moan and my insides ignite at the touch. How he makes me feel so sexy and, wanted I will never know, but it was working just fine as a new fire in me burst through.

“I never said I did,” I counter back. He chuckles slightly and I can feel his hands begin to roam as we move to the beat of his band’s music. It feels like ages as we dance and I can feel my belly rumble with anticipation and that oh so famous butterfly affect. Slowly the dance floor and the people on it begin to fade as it feels like it is only the two of us in the room.

“Come on, let’s go,” Harry says, smiling softly but his eyes tell me he is all for wanting to play a game. What game could there possibly be if we weren’t going to be in a music filled room?

I didn’t question him though and I was forced to follow him as we descended into the lower floor. Across the hall was the exit and Harry pulled me along once more.

“Hey, sweetheart,” a voice yells behind me and I feel a tug on my other arm. My grasp on Harry wavers and I let go involuntarily and stumble backwards into another man’s arms.

“Whoa there sweetheart, don’t be too quick or I won’t be able to save you till later,” the man’s whispers into my ear. I cringe and try to break free but his grasp tightens. I look around for Harry and see him but he doesn’t see me. His back is turned from me and he is looking into the crowd of people on the dance floor.

“Lover boys gone, now your mine,” he says and I feel his hand creep down my back.

“Get your grimy hands off me you pervert,” I say, wrenching myself from his grasp. I step back and find myself pulled behind another figure. What am I to be fought over by drunken idiots? This is why I hate clubs. I peer up at the man in front of me and sigh as I see the familiar mop of brown curls on the tall figure. Harry, thank god.

Harry has the man pinned against the counter of the bar, but I can’t see his face.

“Don’t you ever touch her again, do you hear me,” Harry commands as I realize he is at the end of his speech. I didn’t catch the beginning and I, for one, was glad I hadn’t. The man looked terrified and I would be too. Harry had a menacing growl to his voice as well as a tight grip on the man that would have left me frightened to death.

“Harry, let’s go. Please let’s just go,” I say, tugging on his sleeve. Harry looks at me for a moment and I feel the fierce anger of his stare. He looks between me, my hand and the man before letting go of the man and taking hold of my hand. I wince at the pressure but I know it’s only for me not to get lost again.

“Harry, my hand,” I say as we exit the crowded club and into the cool air. Harry didn’t seem to care at this point and as soon as we made it to his car I was pressed against the passenger door.

“I want you. I want you, Emma,” he says, his breath cascading onto my face. My breath hitches high as I realize he hasn’t kissed me yet and the tension is building. I also realize that for the first time in my whole life I feel the need to kiss him. No, that’s not right; I want him to kiss me.

“Then take me,” I say, taking in shallow breaths. He smiles down at me, his dimples showing and my insides go into overload.

Tantalizingly and slowly lowers his head to mine and our lips meet. I had been kissed before but only by one other, and he was someone special to me but now I realize he wasn’t what I wanted, I never wanted him to kiss me as badly as I did Harry and for that it says a lot. You’d think with this kiss it would quench that hunger but it only makes it worse. He moves his lips to my neck and sucks for a few moments before moving back to my lips.

“Harry,” I moan. He stops suddenly though, our foreheads touching. His eyes shine a dark green from the little light on the street but I can tell that he is just as far in as I am.

“Come on, let’s get you home,” Harry says and pout at him. The night over already? No more kissing? These thoughts leave me astounded at myself but I can’t help but feel like I’m missing something. I knew he was right though, this was going too fast, especially since I had no outlook on a real relationship.

Harry drives me home and we sit in a nice silence. I am grateful for it, mostly because it gives me a chance to actually think of what we were doing. What were we doing? Was I ever going to make it past this base? Did he even like me after all of that?

Of course he likes you, you idiot! If he hadn’t then he wouldn’t have given you all the signs of wanting you in his bed. My god, must I be your savior in everything?

I scowled at my thoughts; they were really doing something to my brain.

In no time we reach my apartment and like a gentleman, Harry walks me to my door. I can feel the awkwardness begin to fade as he takes my hand and kisses it softly. I blush crimson and he smiles again, triumphant.

 “Until next time Ms. Winston,” Harry says, leaning down to kiss me. I close my eyes and lean forward, our lips meeting with a sweet and kind sentiment. The kiss escalates, one arm circling around my waist and his other hand cupping the side of my face as his tongue explored the inside of my mouth, yet again. I was completely breathless as Harry pulled away, a smirk playing on his lips.

“Until next time Harry,” I whisper and Harry disappears into the night, leaving me bewildered and fluster at my doorstep.

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