Summer Love

Claire was so excited to be staying in London for the summer with her four best friends. No parental supervision, her daddy's credit card and a brand new flat just for them. Little did they know, this would be the summer that would change the five girls lives forever.


7. The Cookout

"Girls, I'd just like to let you know that the boys are here." I said when I got up the stairs, loud enough that I didn't have to walk into individual rooms

Kassidy, Reese and Lauren walked out of their rooms but I heard Nicole yell that she would only be one more minute.  I smiled at the girls and walked down the stairs to introduce them to the boys.

"Boys, I'd like to introduce you to Kassidy, Reese and Lauren." I said and each girl waved when their name was called

"Isn't there supposed to be five of you?" I heard Liam ask

"Yeah, Nicole is still upstairs getting ready. She should be down any moment now." Just as I said that she walked down the stairs and smiled

"Hello!" She said, waving

After a few minutes of socializing we decided to go outside and start grilling the food and preparing dinner.  I managed to get the grill working properly and I successfully grilled 10 hamburgers and 10 hotdogs.  We into our meals and I have to admit I was a pretty good chef.  Each of the boys had eaten at least 2 hamburgers each.  

"Since everyone is done eating I'm going to clean up everything in the kitchen and get some supplies for s'mores!" I said, walking inside

"I'll help you." Niall said, following me

I knew I had to tell him that I wasn't interested in him and that Lauren had a crush on him because I knew he liked me and I didn't want to give him false hope or anything.

"Um Niall? Do you have feelings for me at all?" I asked cautiously, putting some forks in the dishwasher

"When I first met you I did, but not really anymore. I think your friend Lauren is really cute, I have a slight crush on her." He said, blushing.

"Oh good because I thought you liked me and I was about to tell you that I didn't like you like that. This makes everything a lot easier. I like Zayn, so we'll see how tonight goes." I giggled and winked at him

"That's good. He'd be good for you." Niall said and I hugged him before we walked back outside to join our friends.

I smiled at what I saw when I walked back out to the patio.  Kassidy was sitting on the big couch by the fire pit with Harry, they were giggling and she looked happier than I've seen her in a while.  Liam and Nicole were sitting next to each other at the table in a deep conversation, she was staring deeply into his eyes and I knew she was slowly falling for him. Reese was sitting on Louis' lap laughing, they were cracking jokes to each other and I could see the connection between them.  Niall walked over to Lauren and sat down next to her, wrapping his arm around her.  I looked around for Zayn and saw him sitting in one of the lounge chairs, looking at his phone.  I smiled and walked over to him.

"Since everyone else is with someone, mind if I join you?" I asked with a giggle

"Sure thing!" He said patting his lap and smiling

I sat down on his lap and he wrapped his arms around me.  I smiled to myself and inhaled his sweet scent. We talked awhile about ourselves, it was mostly him asking me questions because I knew almost everything about him, considering he was in my favorite boy band.  Every once and a while he would kiss the top of my head after asking me a question and each time I could feel the butterflies flutter in my stomach.  He was so perfect and I couldn't believe what was happening right now. 

I was so caught up in his perfect eyes and his voice that I hadn't even noticed that someone had lit a fire in the stone fire pit.  This was a scene from my dreams, being in London in such a beautiful house around a fire with Zayn Malik's arms wrapped around me.

I closed my eyes to just appreciate all of this and found myself falling asleep to the beat of Zayn's heart and the rising and falling of his chest from his breathing.


Hello Darlings! I hope you like this chapter because I REALLY do, possibly because I'm in such a good mood from listening to Ed Sheeran all night but whatever.

Favorite, Like, Comment... whatever.

Loveeee y'all

xoxo - Caroline (:

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