Summer Love

Claire was so excited to be staying in London for the summer with her four best friends. No parental supervision, her daddy's credit card and a brand new flat just for them. Little did they know, this would be the summer that would change the five girls lives forever.


11. Sand Castles and Dates

Claire's POV

I walked back over to my friends, smiling at what had just happened.  He was adorable and he made me feel so good, but knowing that I have some sort of control on him makes me feel even better.  I knew he was still standing where I left him, watching me, so I sort of swayed my hips a little more while walking just to tease him. 

"You guys seemed to be having fun."  Harry joked when I reached the group

"Maybe.  You guys clearly aren't having fun though, we should play a game or something." I said

"Like what? We can't play water ball because we didn't bring a ball to play with and there's nothing interesting on the beach."  Niall said

"We could have a sand castle building contest!" Kassidy yelled

We all thought that was a good idea so we ran to the beach and got into pairs.  I was with Zayn, Kassidy was with Harry, Reese was with Louis, Nicole was with Liam and Lauren was with Niall.  We spread out on the beach to give each group a fair amount of room and sand to use. 

I am a very competitive person so I was really determined to win this even though it was a stupid little sand castle contest.  We didn't have any shovels of buckets so we knew the castles weren't going to look that good, but we decided to have fun and build anyway.

After about an hour everyone had finished their castles so we regrouped to decide who was the winner.  Reese and Louis' looked the least bad so we declared them the winners. 

We had been at the beach for about an hour and a half so we decided we were going to go home.  The boys had been talking about individual date nights so we knew we had to get ready for those.  Zayn wouldn't tell me where he was taking me and that it was a surprise which frustrated me because I hate surprises. 

When we got home the girls all ran upstairs to shower and get ready.  I knew I had to get ready as well but I already had an idea of what I was going to wear so I didn't need as much time.

"The boys and I are going to go home and get ready.  We'll all be back at around seven thirty so tell the girls to be ready by then." Zayn said as he pulled me into him and kissed me softly

"Alright.  Mind telling me where we're going so I know how to dress?" I asked, cheekily

"Nice try.  I'd say semi formal, not to dressy but don't look like a bum."

I nodded and kissed him one more time before running upstairs to get ready.  I looked at my clock and it said 5:30, I had to hours to make myself look perfect and I knew I could do it. 

I found a tight black, strapless dress that went down to mid thigh.  It fit me pretty well and it make my body look really nice so I slipped it on.  I decided to curl my hair and put on some liquid eyeliner and mascara.  I walked into my bathroom to plug my curling iron in and find my makeup bag.

Zayn's POV

I was extremely nervous for tonight.  I was going to ask Claire to be my girlfriend.  I know we just met but I just feel something with her that I've never felt with a girl.  Like I'm supposed to be with her. 

I had to think of a really creative was to ask her because she meant a lot to me and I wanted to make it special.  I decided to buy her a promise ring and rent out a restaurant for just us.  

I had Harry drive me to the local jeweler before we got ready because I needed to get the ring first.

"You really like this girl, don't you?" He asked while we were in the car.

"Yeah, I feel something special with her." I replied

We got to the jeweler and I found the perfect ring.  It just screamed Claire so I had to buy it.  I paid for it and Harry and I drove back to the flat.  We got ready and then we all got in separate cars and drove to the girls' house.

Claire's POV

It was seven thirty, my hair was perfectly curled and my makeup looked good so I slipped on a pair of black stilettos, sprayed some perfume and walked down the stairs. 

To my surprise, the boys were already here.  They were sitting on the couch and when I walked down the stairs Zayn jumped up with wide eyes and an open mouth.  He walked to me and grabbed my hand.

"You look so beautiful." He whispered and I smiled

Kassidy and Lauren were the next to walk down the stairs.  

Kassidy was wearing a tight blue dress with a one shoulder strap. Her hair was wavy and her makeup looked perfect.  She walked to Harry and he wrapped his arms around her, kissing her forehead.

Lauren was wearing a flowy pink dress with short sleeves.  It went down to about her knees and she was wearing white wedges with her dress.  Her hair was pin straight and she had a smoky eye and a pink lip stick on.  She walked to Niall and gave him a tight hug.

Nicole walked down the stairs next.  She was wearing a tight black dress with long sleeves.  There were diamond cutouts in the sleeves and she was wearing shiny silver heels.  She had a light layer of makeup on and her hair was in a romantic bun.  Liam walked to her, grabbing her face in his hands and kissing her sweetly.

Lastly, Reese walked down the stairs with a big smile on her face.  She was wearing a tight blue maxi dress with white heels.  She looked stunning with her natural hair and she had very little makeup on.  I guessed that her and Louis' date was pretty casual which fit their personalities.

We all shared compliments with each other before getting into our cars and driving off to our dates. 

As we were driving Zayn took one hand off the steering wheel to grab my hand and give it a little squeeze.  I was so excited for tonight and I couldn't wait to see what happened.


Sorry this chapter is absolutely horrid.  I'm having terrible writers block at the moment.  I will update  a lot when I figure out how I want to go with this story. 

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