Summer Love

Claire was so excited to be staying in London for the summer with her four best friends. No parental supervision, her daddy's credit card and a brand new flat just for them. Little did they know, this would be the summer that would change the five girls lives forever.


12. I want you everyday

Claire's POV

We drove for about twenty minutes until we pulled up at a restaurant called Latium.  Even over in America I had heard about this restaurant and how good it was. I really liked Italian food so I knew I would like this place. 

We walked into the building, Zayn told the waitress his name and we were taken to a booth at the back of the restaurant, hidden pretty well from the rest of the people there.  A few minutes later a tall blonde woman came to our table, asking what we would like to order.

I ordered a plate of rigatoni and Zayn ordered gnocchi. The woman asked us if we wanted anything to drink and Zayn ordered two glasses of wine. I looked at him because I was underage and I didn't want to get in trouble for drinking but he just laughed and assured me everything would be alright. 

I knew it would be a while before our food was out so I decided to go to the restroom and freshen up a little.

"I'm going to the bathroom, I'll be right back." I got up and kissed his cheek.

When I reached the bathroom I walked to the mirror and looked at myself, fixing my hair slightly and wiping off some mascara particles from under my eyes.  I wanted to look as good as possible when I went back out there because this date was really important to me.  I was hoping Zayn would possibly ask to move a little further in this relationship and actually ask me to be his girlfriend.  I knew we had just met a couple days ago and I wasn't in love with him but I did really like him and he was good to me. 

Zayn's POV

The waitress brought out a little basket of rolls for Claire and I. She told me that the food we had ordered would be out in about ten minutes. 

When she walked away I looked around to make sure Claire wasn't coming back from the bathroom and took the ring box out of my pocket.  I moved some the rolls in the basket and put the ring at the bottom, pushing the rolls back on top of the box to hide it.  I knew this was going to be surprising to Claire and I knew she would like it.

I heard the clicking of heels and turned around to see Claire walking back to the table, I grabbed a roll and pulled my hands away from the basket.

"Do you want a roll?" I asked her with a smile as she sat down

"Um, no I'm alright." She said, picking up her glass of wine and taking a small sip of it

My heart pounded in my chest, she had to take a roll or else she wouldn't see the ring.  What was I going to do?

"They're really good.  Please try one, for me?" I begged

Claire's POV

"Ugh, fine." I gave in and reached my hand into the basket of rolls

I was surprised to feel something that didn't seem like a roll and my fingers wrapped around it, pulling it out. 

It was a ring box. My eyes widened and my jaw dropped.  What was this? I looked at Zayn and a big smile was plastered on his face.

"Open it." He nodded

It was beautiful. There was an infinity sign on the ring and "forever" was engraved on the inside of the ring. My hand went to cover my open mouth as I giggled softly.  I couldn't believe this was happening

"Do you like it. It's a promise ring." He asked worriedly

"Are you kidding? I love it!"

"Good because I want you to wear it everyday. I want you to look at it everyday and think of me. I want  you to be mine, everyday. I want you to be my girlfriend. I know we've only known each other for a few days but there's something special about you that I can't help but like." He gushed, staring me deeply in the eyes

"Yes. Of course." I smiled

He took the ring box from me, taking the ring out and grabbing my right hand.  He slipped the ring onto my ring finger and kissed the back of my hand before setting it back on the table for me to look at.

Our waitress brought our food out to the table, breaking into the intimate moment between us.  She smiled guiltily when she realized what she had done and walked away swiftly.

After about fifteen minutes we had finished our meals and Zayn had payed the check, against my will of course because I didn't want him paying for everything.

"You want to go somewhere else? I know some good clubs." Zayn asked as we climbed into his car

"That's fine, will they let me in though?" I asked worriedly

"They know me, they'll let you in." He assured me

He drove out of the restaurant parking lot and I looked at my hand, admiring the new piece of jewelry on it.  I couldn't believe that I was dating Zayn Malik. It was just a week ago that I was in my little town in Ohio, dreaming about this moment and now I was living it.


I'm back my darlings (: Sorry it's been so long since I've updated but I just started school again and I had writers block but I've figured everything out so I should be updating every couple of days (: If you liked this please comment (:

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