Summer Love

Claire was so excited to be staying in London for the summer with her four best friends. No parental supervision, her daddy's credit card and a brand new flat just for them. Little did they know, this would be the summer that would change the five girls lives forever.


2. Hello London!

We checked in our luggage, went through security and walked to our gate to board our flight.  I sat in between Kassidy and Reese while Lauren and Nicole were sitting together with a passenger that we didnt know.  I grabbed Kassidy's hand and squeezed it before putting my headphones in my ears and closing my eyes, trying to sleep. 

I woke up to Reese shaking my shoulder gently.

"Wake up Claire, we're in London" She said with a huge smile on her face

We eventually made our way off of the plane and into the airport. We went to get our bags and then find the driver that was supposed to take us to our new flat.

This had to be a dream... we were riding to our very own flat in a stretch limo... in London.  I couldn't believe this was happening.

"Are you guys ready for the best summer of our lives?" Lauren yelled

"HECK YEAH!" We all yelled back

When we arrived at our house the driver handed me five keys, one for each of us, and we ran up the front steps to the door.  I jiggled my key in the lock and turned it, opening the door and pulling my suitcase behind me.  My jaw dropped when I looked around.

This was one of the most beautiful house I have ever seen!  The living room was right in front of the door with a huge leather couch and a flat screen television on the wall.  To the left of the living room was the kitchen, it was amazing. The counters were granite and the refrigerator was twice as big as mine back at home.  I saw all of the girls staring around the flat with wide eyes and open mouths.  We all looked each other and sprinted up the stairs to the bedrooms. 

I chose the bedroom at the end of the hallway. I had my own bathroom connected to my bedroom with a shower, a bath and double sinks! Three walls were painted sea foam green and the wall behind the bed was painted navy blue. The bed was huge and beautiful, the duvet and other blankets were all white and the pillows looked like jumbo marshmallows. I couldn't resist the urge to jump on the bed and sink into the soft material.  After relaxing for a couple minutes I decided to look at the other girls rooms.

Reese had chosen the room right next to mine.  It was painted hot pink with a red stripe at the top of each wall. Her bed was slightly smaller than mine and the blankets were a light pink color. The pillows were big and fuzzy. I noticed that she had a bathroom connected to her room so I assumed we all did.

"I like your room girl!" I exclaimed, sitting on her bed to feel how comfy it was. 

"Thanks babe! I'll go check yours out in a minute"

I got up and went to the room next door.  This room belonged to Lauren. It was painted a deep purple color and it was really pretty. Her bed was about the same size as mine and the blankets were a light brown color.  The pillows were white and circular with a purple dot in the middle. Lauren was in the bathroom so I decided to leave her be and check out the next room. 

The next room I walked into was Kassidy's and I absolutely loved it! The walls were an orange color and the bed was navy blue.  Kass was sitting on the bed looking at her phone, she didn't notice me walk in so I decided to run and jump on her.

"HEY KASSIDY!" I yelled and I jumped

"HEY CLAIRE BEAR!" She yelled back and I rolled off of her onto the bed. It was really comfortable and soft.

We talked for a little bit about how excited we were that we were finally in London before I got up to see Nicole's room.

Nicole's room was so cool! It was painted all black with splatters of other colors all over the walls. Her bed was neon pink and looked like it was the smallest of the five. Nicole wasn't in her room so I walked around for a bit before I went back to my room.

I laid on my bed and smiled at the ceiling. I was determined to make this the best summer of my life, and one I would never forget. I was so happy that I was finally in London with my four best friends and I knew we were going to have some good times here. 

I sat up and found my phone in my purse, I dialed my phone number from back home and listened to the rings as I waited to talk to my family.


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