Summer Love

Claire was so excited to be staying in London for the summer with her four best friends. No parental supervision, her daddy's credit card and a brand new flat just for them. Little did they know, this would be the summer that would change the five girls lives forever.


6. Getting Ready

It was the day of the cookout and the girls and I were rushing around getting everything ready.  We cleaned the whole house because we didn't want the boys to think we were complete slobs. Nicole and Reese had gone to the supermarket to buy hotdogs, hamburgers, buns and everything else we would want to eat for dinner. 

I went outside to the back patio to try to figure out how to work the grill for tonight.  It seemed pretty easy, just make sure there was gas in the tank and turn a couple knobs.  If I couldn't get it I'm sure one of the boys could figure it out. 

The girls were dying with excitement, you could see it in their faces and they way they went about the house.  I was pretty excited as well but I had already met one of them so I figured the rest of the boys would be the same.  The girls knew I was the one that would be freaking out the least about this get together so they were coming to me for advice on clothes, makeup and hair.

For Kassidy I picked out a navy blue sweater to make her blond hair look even lighter and a pair of white skinny jeans.  I told her to straighten her hair and put a light coat of blue eyeshadow on with some mascara and a little lip gloss. She was gorgeous enough without makeup, I wanted the boys to see the real her that wasn't caked under makeup.  I was hoping for her to get close with Harry because I think they would be adorable together.  I picked out a bottle of Chanel perfume and had her spray it on her wrists and behind her ears so that when she hugged one of the boys they would immediately smell that sweet scent.

For Reese I picked out a sheer, sleeveless blue top with a navy blue bandeau underneath.  It slightly showed off her stomach which was good because she had the best body of the five of us.  I gave her a dark pair of jean shorts and told her to curl her black hair.  I told to only put a coat of foundation on and lip stick, nothing else.  I hoped she would grow something with Louis because they have the same hilarious personality and they could make each other laugh.  I told her to put some Juicy Couture perfume on her chest and wrists.

For Lauren I chose a coral and teal striped sweater to accent her chocolate hair. I picked out a pair of dark skinny jeans and told her to put her hair in a sock bun. I gave her some Justin Bieber perfume to spray on her chest, if she really did like Niall he would like her perfume because he loves Justin. I told her to apply some black liquid eyeliner and some mascara but no eyeshadow.  

Finally for Nicole I picked out a sea foam green tank top to make her auburn hair stand out.  I chose a pair of black jeans and told her to spray her Beyonce perfume of her wrists.  I told her to softly curl her hair and put on a coat of mascara.  I was hoping she would get close with Liam tonight because they're both so mature but fun loving. They would be perfect for each other.

For myself I chose a lace purple tank top with a lighter purple bandeau underneath it.  I slipped on a pair of white jean shorts that were short enough to show off my bum but long enough that I didn't look like a whore.  I curled my dirty blonde hair and put a swipe of purple eye shadow on with a coat of mascara.  I sprayed some Louis Vuitton  perfume behind my ears and on my chest.  I was really excited to see Zayn and was really hopeful that something could happen between us. 

Thinking of the boys reminded me of what Lauren had said about hoping something would happen between her and Niall.  I went to her room to ask her why she said that and if something was wrong with her and Jake. 

"Hey Laur, can I talk to you for a second?" I asked, knocking on her bathroom door

"Yeah, come in!" She said and I pushed the door open to see her putting some makeup on. 

"Um, do you remember yesterday when we were talking about the boys and you said you hoped something would happen between you and Niall?" I asked

"Oh, um yeah. Why?" She said, searching for something in her makeup bag

"Well it sort of confused me. Is something wrong with you and Jake?"

"Uh, well yeah.  We decided we would take a break for the summer because we wouldn't see each other for so long.  It's not a big deal, I'm not upset or anything." She said, pulling out her mascara

"Okay, I was just wondering.  If you need to talk about it I'm always here." I said with a smile

She smiled and nodded and I walked out of her room to go text Niall.

TO: Niall Horan

Hey! When do you think you and the boys will be here?


FROM: Niall Horan

We should be over in about an hour!


"THE BOYS WILL BE HERE IN ABOUT AN HOUR EVERYONE! MAKE SURE YOUR READY!" I screamed to let the girls know they should probably finish up and come downstairs

I got everything that we needed for the night and organized it on the counter.  I put the buns on the counter and put a stack of paper plates next to them. I got out bottles of ketchup and mustard and placed them on the counter.  I cut up some fruit and put it in a bowl and put it on the table with a big spoon.  When I had gotten everything out and ready I heard a knock on the door. Had it really been an hour?

I walked to open the door and I saw the boys. I smiled and let them in, I told them to make themselves at home and went upstairs to get the girls.

This was it. We were meeting our idols and possibly our future loves.


Hello my lovelies! I wrote a longer chapter to make up for not writing as much in the past couple of days!  I hope all of you had a very merry Christmas or Hanukkah and if you celebrate Kwanzaa I hope it is good as well!  I would like to thank all of you for reading this, and if you like it please comment! If you have tips for me I would love to hear them as well! Share this with your friends and please like and favorite! You guys are awesome!

Happy Holidays my loves!

xoxo - Caroline (:


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