Summer Love

Claire was so excited to be staying in London for the summer with her four best friends. No parental supervision, her daddy's credit card and a brand new flat just for them. Little did they know, this would be the summer that would change the five girls lives forever.


5. A new future? What if...

We made our way back to the flat, but barely because Lauren was hyperventilating the whole time she was driving.  When we walked in the door I looked at Lauren to try to tell her not to completely freak out and cause a big commotion but she clearly didn't get the hint.


I heard a big ruckus from the living room and found the three other girls running into the kitchen to hear what I had to say.  We all sat down at the table and they stared at me, curious.

"Well, I went to Starbucks with that kid that I ran into at the mall. We talked for a while to get to know each other and-"

"HE'S REALLY NIALL HORAN!" Lauren cut me off to scream

There was an uproar of WHAT'S and NO WAY'S! I just nodded and laughed because they were acting like complete fools.  Don't get me wrong I was freaking out too and if someone had told me that I would be acting like that but I just thought it was pretty funny.

"Wait a second. You met Niall Horan, he clearly likes you right? Which means he could introduce us to the boys!" Reese said

"Guys, how many times have I told you that he's really not my type.  Even before I knew who he really was I told you I didn't really like him.  Being in One Direction doesn't really change anything." I rolled my eyes because they didn't seem to get it.

"Well that's good because I do like him. Maybe there could be something there between us." Lauren said, looking off into the distance like a freak

What she said confused me a little because she had a boyfriend.  Did they break up? Why would she talk about possibly dating another guy when she has someone like Jake? I decided not to say anything to her just yet but I wouldn't forget to ask her what was up.

"We should have a cookout! You could invite Niall and tell him to bring the boys and then we'll see if something could happen between each of us and one of the boys!" Nicole said, interrupting my thoughts

"That sounds good! I'll text him right now and ask.  When do you want to have it? Tomorrow?" I asked, pulling out my phone to text Niall

TO: Niall Horan

Hey! Me and the girls are having a cookout tomorrow and I wanted to ask you! You should bring the boys (;


My phone buzzed with his quick response


FROM: Niall Horan

Sounds like fun! I'll ask the boys (:


"Niall said he would ask the boys!" I said to the girls watching me at the table

"Guys this is perfect! We're finally meeting our idols!" Reese squealed

"What if we all ended up dating one of the boys! Does anyone realize this or think like I do? This is HUGE!" Nicole said with a huge smile

I had to admit I was pretty excited to meet the boys, especially Zayn. I always had a soft spot in my heart for him ever since I became a fan of One Direction.  I excused myself from the table to go upstairs and lay down on my bed. 

I closed my eyes and tried to picture the futures of the five of us girls and each one included a different boy from our favorite band.

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