Summer Love

Claire was so excited to be staying in London for the summer with her four best friends. No parental supervision, her daddy's credit card and a brand new flat just for them. Little did they know, this would be the summer that would change the five girls lives forever.


1. Young and Wild and Free

Claire's POV

"We'll be fine mom! You need to stop worrying about us" I said while hugging her tight

"Okay Okay, I'm sorry. I can't help it Claire, you're going to a different country for three months and you expect me not to worry?" She was trying not to seem calm and collected but she was talking way too fast and I knew she was freaking out on the inside.

We were standing outside the airport with my five best friends and their families. I hugged my mom one last time and walked over to my dad.  I had a knot in my throat and I could feel the tears welling up behind my eyes.

"Daddy, I'm going to miss you so much!" I ran to him, buried my face in his chest and let the tears fall.

"Shh. I'm going to miss you too but it's only three months." He whispered and stroked my hair.

My dad meant the world to me, he was my best friend and I told him everything.  This was the first time I was leaving him for more than a weekend and I didn't know how I was going to get through the summer without seeing him. I had promised him I would call him every night and that I would write letters once a week, I was normally extremely bad a keeping promises but I knew this was one I had to go through with. 

After a few minutes I let go of my dad and kissed his cheek, tasting the salt from his tears.  I looked over at my friends with their families and smiled, picturing a whole summer in London, just with them.

My best friend out of the four, Kassidy, had mascara all around her eyes.  Her bleach blonde hair was messy from burying her head in her mothers chest.  Kassidy was an only child and her dad had died two years ago from cancer so her mom was all she had and she loved her more than anything.  She looked up into my eyes and smiled, I knew she was excited to get out of this small town and experience London.

I turned my head and saw Reese joking around and laughing with her family.  She was one of the funniest girls I knew so seeing this wasn't a big shock, I knew she wouldn't cry at the airport because shes used to traveling by herself. Her black hair was perfectly curled, there was no way she would go anywhere without looking good.  Her bright green eyes gleamed with the sunlight as she hugged her brother one last time.

Next I saw Lauren, her brown eyes were red from crying and she them with the sleeve of her sweatshirt.  She walked to her boyfriend, Jake, and kissed him with tears running down her cheeks.  He put a hand on her chocolate brown hair and brushed through it, comforting her.  They had been together for a little over a year and they were perfect for each other, or so it seemed.

I looked at Nicole last, her and I were the least close in the group but we were still really good friends. She is the most mature of the group, but she knew how to have a good time and she was fun to hang out with.  Her auburn hair was pin straight and her eye make up made her striking blue eyes stand out.  She was standing with her parents and her twin sister.  Her family wasn't crying and Nicole had a big smile on her face, showing her perfectly straight, white teeth.

After a few minutes of everyone saying goodbye to their families, the five of us grabbed each others hands and walked into the airport with our luggage.





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