Over Again

Kristen Malik is a girl who lost everything when her mom died and her brother disappered. She lives with her dad who doesn't really care about her and to make it worst he tells her the one only person she cares about is dead. Her big brother. When she runs away and finds someone in the woods her life changes forever. Can she start it all over again?


1. Prolouge

  I was running as fast as I could throught the woods until I and broke down into tears. A really cute boy came up to me and tried comforting me. He asked me what was wrong but wouldn't tell him. He craddled me in his arms until I stopped crying. Again he asked me what was wrong and I told him. "My name is Kristen Malik and and my dad just told me my big brother is dead. I remember being with him when I was younger but then he...he just disappeared." I started crying again. He put his arm around me and asked "What was his name?" "Zayn Malik," I sobbed. "I remember all our fun times but not his face." My tears were dripping all over his shirt. His eyes widended and he said "My name is Zayn Malik." I didn't know what to say so I just starred at him. Then he took out his wallet to reaveal a picture of a beautiful young girl with her hair in a side ponytail. My mouth dropped open with disbelief...because the young girl was me.

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