how to not end up like my family

Well no one wants to end up being a 44 year old "dancing" horrible singer.
That describes most of my family. Not a living soul wants to be a directionator. That describes all the boys in my family. I shall teach you how to never end up like this and never make my family's mistakes.


1. why

 You may be wondering "Why am I reading this?".   If you are then I'll tell you. You are reading this so that your family won't end up to be the weirdest family ever. If your just reading this for a laugh then that works too. Most families have dads that aren't mistaked for girls everyday. That's an everyday thing for me.

Another everyday thing for me is listening to my mom sing horribly. When she sings it's one of those "Why can't I just rip out my ears?" moments. Anmd the there's my grandma who I just don't even know how to describe. Maybe you'll learn about my friends in this story. Well that's enough information for now.

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