Love At First Sound....

This is a fan-fiction (justin bieber) with some romance.... About a young girl with a big dream that her idol, her everything, her true love, would be her's! she had much in common with him: they both loved to sing, they both loved sports, they both BELIEVE! Does her dream come true? Read and find out! :) I'm sorry for any spelling mistakes or grammer mistaker or any mistakes in genral! You can just comment about them if you would like, and Ill try my best to fix them! The beginning might be boring because I'm putting abit more of background to the story but I hope you continue reading because it get better as you read on! :)


6. The Surprise

Justin's P.O.V.

I don't know how to tell her this! Justin, just tell her! I said to myself. "Okay, so I was talking to Scooter when we first started talking and when I found out that you were the mystery singer. I told Scooter, ugh..." I stuttered. "I told Scooter that I wanted you to sing with me during the tour..." I said fast. She smiled slightly. "Justin, you want me to sing with you infornt of millions of people!" She exclaimed. "Maddy you are an amazing singer! I want you to travel around the world with me, I don't want to spend another second without you!" She smiled  beautifully. And her eyes started to get watery, her cheeks went red, and she tilted her head down. "Don't be embaressed, why are you crying?" I said lifting up her head so I could see her beautiful blue eyes. "I'm not meaning to, I just can't believe this is actually happening to me." She said tears rolling down her cheeks. "Maddy, I still don't believe that I get to do the thing I love, and to make it even better I want to do it with the girl I love." My cheeks felt warm, I looked down quickly and looked back into her eyes. "Maddy I love you." I said slowly. She smilied, more tears streaming down her cheeks. "I love you too Justin!" She said leaping into my lap. I pressed my lips againest hers, and we sat in silence with our lips attached.

Maddy's P.O.V.

Scooter walked in again, I quickly pulled away once again, sad that I couldn't feel his lips againest mine anymore, I sat beside him as he put his arm over my shoulder, I layd my head on his chest an listened to his heartbeat. "Its time!" Scooter said to Justin. "Scooter can  you take Maddy and Sydney to their seats?" Justin asked. "Yes, Hurry up and get ready!" Scooter replied. I got up and Justin quickly turned me around and pressed his lips to mine, when he pulled away, I went to walk away. But I couldnt let go of his hand, I turned back around to see him smiling, I pressed my lips to his again. And finally walked to Scooter's side. "Bye, I'll see you later" I said to Justin closing the door. "Bye, love you." He replied. I smiled. Scooter lead me to where Sydney was, when my phone went off, it was a text message from Justin.

Justin: Miss you already! <3 I smiled and quickly messaged back "Miss you too! <3"

When we started walking to our seats Scooter turned to me "Maddy you are the O.L.L.G. tonight, Justin asked me to tell you, Allison will come get you two songs before." I triped over my own feet. "Okay thanks, Scooter, I'm sure we can make it to our seats now, see you later." I said smiling as if nothing happened, but inside I was sreaming in excitment! Sydney and I took our seats and I grabbed her arm screaming quietly! "Oww, MADDY LET GO!" Sydney yelled. "Sorry" I said letting go of her arm. When the concert started Justin came out attached to wings. I wasn't like the other girls that were screaming and crying around me. I just sat in my seat and smiled up at my boyfrined, my everything, I can't explain how much I love him. I love him so much it hurts. Our eyes met a few times during the concert and he winked at me and smiled each time, I would smile back and blow him a kiss. The concert flew by when Allison came to me, tapped me on the arm. "Its time." She said smiling.


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