Love At First Sound....

This is a fan-fiction (justin bieber) with some romance.... About a young girl with a big dream that her idol, her everything, her true love, would be her's! she had much in common with him: they both loved to sing, they both loved sports, they both BELIEVE! Does her dream come true? Read and find out! :) I'm sorry for any spelling mistakes or grammer mistaker or any mistakes in genral! You can just comment about them if you would like, and Ill try my best to fix them! The beginning might be boring because I'm putting abit more of background to the story but I hope you continue reading because it get better as you read on! :)


1. Maddy's life

Maddy's P.O.V.

 Once apon a time there was a beautiful princess, who had beautiful clothes, and a beautiful voice. she could sing so beautifully, and all the princes loved her. Especially the most handsome one of them all, Prince Justin Bieber!

 "MADDY GET UP!!!!" I woke up realizing it was just another dream once again, just like all the other dreams. I pulled on my uniform quickly realizing I was going to be late for school. I looked at myself in the mirror. "Good enough.." I muttered to myself. I quickly brushed my teeth, got the knots of of my hair, and ran down the stairs. "Morning Maddy!" My 5 year old brother  Cam said giving me a hug... "Here's your bagel, now hurry you dont want to miss any days of your senior year. do you?" my mom said. " No of course not! Thanks mom, ill see you after school!" I quickly kissed Cam and  my mom on the cheek, grabbed the car keys " Bye mom, bye Cam, I'll pick Cam and Emily up after school today mom! Bye love you!" I shouted as I ran out the door.

  I arrived at school just in time, I caught up with my best friends Jade and Dezz they both welcomed me with a warm smile. We quickly ran off to class. The day passed by so quickly! I guess I was just caught in my thoughts, thinking about Justin and all my dreams, wishing it was still summer break! "Bye Dezz, Bye Jade, Ill see you girls tomorrow!" I shouted at them heading for my car. "Bye Maddy" they shouted at the same time, as I waved out the car window. I was going to go get some pizza, I didnt eat all day... I'm so stupid i should really eat more. I quickly ate my hawain pizza as I drove to go pick up Emily and Cam.

 As I waited for them, I was on my phone looking if Justin tweeted anything yet. And of-course he did! I re-tweeted him and tweeted him "I love you" like alyways. And just like all the other beliebers I was hoping he would finally re-tweet and follow me. But he didnt... like always! Emily and Cam got in the car. "Hey Em, hey Cam! How was school?" I asked excitedly, (when i really didn't care) "Fine..." Emily said already texting her friends she just left! Of-course Cam had tons to say, he always does.. And im sure any other S.K student would to, but Cam has so much more to say.  I laugh to my-self not paying attention to what Cam's saying.

 When we get home, Em's of-course running for her room, to go on her computer, but i can't judge because i did the same when I was in grade 8. I went in the base-ment  to do my homework. When I finished I went on the old, slow, "dinosour" desk-top computer. Of-course i went on twitter tweeting Justin as much as I could. I noticed i had a notification, I had a new follower and a new D.M. I looked at who was following me probally just some new belieber or something. But there it was in black letter Justin Bieber follows you! I screamed in excitment finally, finally this has happened! I start tp cry, and remember I had a D.M. to. Can you guess who it is? "OMG ITS JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!" I screamed so loud China could probally hear me!

Justin:Hi, You're Maddy right? The one who sings my songs on youtube?"

I tottaly forgot I posted those! OMG the real Kidraul actually saw my singing video's! The actual Kidraul watched my video's! I was lost for words! "What should I say!?" I whispered so quietly that no one would be able to hear it!




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