Love At First Sound....

This is a fan-fiction (justin bieber) with some romance.... About a young girl with a big dream that her idol, her everything, her true love, would be her's! she had much in common with him: they both loved to sing, they both loved sports, they both BELIEVE! Does her dream come true? Read and find out! :) I'm sorry for any spelling mistakes or grammer mistaker or any mistakes in genral! You can just comment about them if you would like, and Ill try my best to fix them! The beginning might be boring because I'm putting abit more of background to the story but I hope you continue reading because it get better as you read on! :)


5. Its Defiantly True Love

Justin's P.O.V

I was just finishing taking a picture with the last gorup of girls, when Ryan turned the corner with two other girls behind him. Its Maddy I just know it! She's beautiful,  there is no words to explain how beautiful she is! She's walking towards me, I grabbed her hand waved to all my screaming fans and walked out the door. When there were no fans around, I turned around and pressed my lips to her's! I felt her smiling, and I herd Sydney gasp. I forgot she was there. I pulled away and looked into Maddy's eyes "how are you?" I asked. "I'm better now that I'm with you!" She said smiling I smiled back leading her downstairs to introduce her to everyone. When she met everyone I lead Sydney and Maddy to my dressing room.

Maddy's P.O.V.

Oh my gosh, I hope he doesn't notice that I'm shaking! I guess Sydney was right,I do truly love him! Sydney, Justin, and I sat on the coach, we talked for probally a good hour, getting to know eachother. When Justin asked me a question that sent shivers up my spin! "Please, please sing for me!" He pleaded. Sydney was sitting there with a confused face, and asked "Maddy you sing?" Oh my Sydney! I laughed "Yes, I posted some video's on youtube." I turned to Justin, and looked into his amazing brown eyes "Please..." He said once more. I couldn't help but say yes. "Justin, that's not fair! I can't say no to you!' He just laughed, walked over to get his guitar and sat back on the couch. He started playing the tune to "be alright" we sang for another hour. While Sydney just sat there awestruck, mouth open and everything! Everytime I looked at her I tried to fight back my laughter but everytime I always let out a giggle. But when I looked back in to Justin's amazing eyes, I could barley remember the lyrics or what song we were singing! When we finished singing "Die in your arms" We both leaned in, I could feel his warm breathe againest my face, his breathe was amazing, it was a wonderful cool mint, I felt myself leaning farther in and before I knew it there was no gap between us. He dropped his guitar to the floor, and I climbed into his lap. Our tongues intertwined and i felt myself smile. I could hear Sydney talking on the phone. I herd the door creak open and I pulled away quickly and sat on the couch, it was Scooter. "Sorry to interrupt, but you have less than two hours til you go on stage. Have you told her the surprise yet?" Scooter asked, I looked at Justin, confused, he sighed. Scooter laughed and closed the door taking Sydney with him, I figured he was going to tell her this 'surprise' thing. Justin looked like he was thinging, I didn't understand. We sat there in silence.

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