Meeting you, best thing in my life.

Anna is just a normal directioner , but when she goes to a concert and won backstage tickets , she meets Harry. What happens next? Is their Relationship turns Friends to Lovers?
I promise you this fan fic will be AMAZAYN.


2. Concert

Days later....

Anna's POV:

So it was the day.

I got dressed in a black blazer  , white shirt inside and a one direction neckalace.

I was wearing black nail polish , red lipstick .

I curled my brunette hair , as usual.

I put on a white ribbon head band , black super skinny jeans and white sneakers.

Afterwards I put on black mascara , red eye shadow.

It was 6pm. I went to Laura's and Bella's house to pick them up. I was 17 , not too old for One Direction concerts.

I knocked on Laura's door.

"Hey girl!" Laura said.

Bella jumped behind Laura 

"'Sup guys!" Bella said.

"Bella?" I said.

"Yeah.I thought it would save more gas if I just came over." Bella said.

"Aww thanks , yeah that saved me money." I said.

"Its 6:30 , shall we go?" Laura said?

Laura was wearing a red shirt , white skinny jeans and her straight blonde hair made it perfect , she had purple eye shadow , mascara and purple red lipstick ,like mine.She wore vans.

Bella was wearing Suspenders , Nerd glasses , White skinny jeans , Mascara , pink lipstick , her hair in a anime ponytail with some hair leaving to make it perfect. She wore heels.

So we drove to the concert place , it was packed.

We got to our front row seats , and BOOM.

Lights came off

A few seconds later they came on again and POW.

One Direction was there.

We we're all screaming ,  like little 15 year olds.


All went crazy.

"Well its your lucky day. We're gonna sing  Last First Kiss first." Zayn said.

And they started singing ,  like angels.

So when the show was over , we got backstage.

"Hello loves!" Harry said.

"Hello Harry!" I said.

"You are beautiful ." Harry said

"Harry. I always want to be your friend." I said.

"Well why don't we?" Harry smiled.

He gave me his number. Wow. Speechless.

"oh my.. Thank you Harry!" I hugged him.

"Call me sometime?" He winked.

Laura got Niall's number , Bella got Louis' number.



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