Meeting you, best thing in my life.

Anna is just a normal directioner , but when she goes to a concert and won backstage tickets , she meets Harry. What happens next? Is their Relationship turns Friends to Lovers?
I promise you this fan fic will be AMAZAYN.


3. After Concert

Harry's POV :

We we're heading to my place , we're taking a 2 week break.We we're lucky enough for Paul to let us.

~Hours later

"We're finally here!" Louis yells.

"Buts its like 9 o'clock." Liam says sadly.

"Time for dinner!" Niall said.

Then we ran to the dinner table.

"Today dinner's steak!" Anne (My mom) said.

We ate , laughed , talked.

So when it was time to go to our rooms..

"G'NIGHT MATES!" All of us said and ran to our rooms.

I sat on my bed thinking about the girl. She was dang so pretty. But I had to go to sleep so I did..

The next morning came by so fast.

I woke up really dizzy. I think its because of the alcohol.

So I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth , take a bath and shave .

Anna's POV:

Honestly. I think that was the BEST night of my life. Other than my marriage night , if I have one.

Its was like 10 in the morning , ate my breakfeast.

Thinkin' about Harry.

I dressed up , I was gonna go over to Bella's.

"Bye mom , dad!" I yelled and picked up my keys.

I was driving to Bella's. Thinking Im turning 18 next week. And mom said I can move out and buy a flat.

I arrived at Bella's flat. she was 19.She just turned 19 four weeks ago.

I knocked on the door. She answered it.

"Hi Anna!" She said.

"Hey there." I said.

"Come in , come in." Bella said.

Her flat was huge. 3 bedrooms , 1 lounge & a huge kitchen and living room.

We sat at the lounge , with some Wine.

"I got Louis' number!" Bella said happily.

"I got Harry's." I said.

"Well.. Why don't we call them and ask for a meet up , the both of us?" Bella said.

"Hmm.. I don't know Bella.." I said.

"Well.. Never say never?" She said.

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