It all started with a vacation (sequel to it all started with a trip)

This is the sequel to it all stated with a trip. Pls read that one before this one. It will make a lot more since. I will update as much as possible. :)


3. 3

Zayn's pov
I take a private jet to Florida and find ____ where Amber and Kourtney are staying and knock on their door "WHERE IS HE?!?" I yell angrily at Amber and burst into her room "he left for an interview and keeps calling me" "just give me your phone" he calls again and I answer "hi babe" "don't fu**ing call my wife babe and you better watch out cos when I find you I will slap you until you bleed for doing this s**t to my wife!" I scream and hang up "I decided I do want to get an abortion" she smiles "I've never really wanted to do it but it just doesn't fell right to be pregnant with my ex boyfriend/brother in law's baby" "why would he even do that to you?! It's just wrong and inappropriate to do to a married woman" "I'm back Amber" Justin chimes "just hide and come out when you feel he's about to make a move" Amber whispers "ok" I whisper back and sneak into the closet in the bedroom and leave it open a crack
Amber's pov
"where's your annoying husband, Zayn?" Justin asks me "I don't know babe but I'm going to take a nap" "ok, I'll leave you alone" he says and closes the door 'see babe it's fine:)' I text Zayn 'just wait, pretend to be asleep and don't answer any calls or texts' 'hey, are you still up?' Justin texts me 'Hello babe?' He quietly sneaks into the room and cuddles up next to me but I don't notice
**in my dream**
"Zayn baby, I love you and I promise never to love Justin again, he's a big fat jerk"
**back in reality**
I smile in my sleep "I wonder what she's thinking about" Justin whispers. I awaken suddenly and slap Justin in the face "that is for getting me pregnant you little bi*ch" my sharp nails scratch his face and make part of it bleed "you wanna know what I was smiling about? You... And me... NEVER SEEING EACH OTHER AGAIN!" Justin's jaw drops. Zayn comes out of the closet and grabs my hand and we walk to the limo "thanks for coming all the way over here for me I really appreciate it" i say to Zayn Anna calls me "mum, are you ok?!?" "Yeah why wouldn't I be?" "Because Justin got you pregnant" "oh you know about that sorry I didn't know. But don't worry, you're not getting a little brother or sister. I'm getting an abortion cos I don't want to have a child with your father in law" "alright, you do what you think is best" "I'll text you later sweetie love ya" "what do you want Justin?!" I groan "please just keep the baby, I promise I will take good care of him/her and take him/her off your hands" "you are so lucky I can't just walk away like you can. I have to keep this thing in side me for 9months and what do you have to do, just sit there like a bum while I'm here carrying a baby that I didn't even want!" "If you just keep it I promise I will take care of it" "fine, but you're paying for everything he or she needs" "deal"

Authors note: hey guys sorry I haven't updated in a while. Yesterday was Christmas here so we where busy. I just have some time now to update. Do you guys like it so far? And one more thing if anyone wants to I'm looking for a co-author. The only rules are you have to have to have read everything even pt one up to this chapter and also no cussing with out the little stars like I use no you know what scenes and lastly no changing the characters the characters only use the ones on the cover. Katlyn on the cover is going to be Justin's daughter and then Alex is gonna be her bf and I will do a contest to be Justin's gf just comment your age and name
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