It all started with a vacation (sequel to it all started with a trip)

This is the sequel to it all stated with a trip. Pls read that one before this one. It will make a lot more since. I will update as much as possible. :)


2. 2

Zayn's pov
"Yo Zayn, it's Justin. I know you Probably don't wanna talk after me and your wife making out but I just wanted to tell you those articles are all fake so bye man. I'm bout to leave" "Liammmm!!!" I yell "what mate?" He says as he walks to the bottom floor in the flat that we all share. We each have our own floor Kourtney hasn't officially moved in with Harry and Kyle but they are moving in soon. "I hate all these rumors and I'm just done with love. What should I do?" "Well erm… I don't know! Are you gonna divorce Amber?" "I don't know. That's what I'm asking you. I really love her but I just can't put up with this hate anymore" "you could say that you're not getting along and that your heart will be broken if they keep up all the hate and it leads to a divorce" "yeah thanks" I say sarcastically and go into the bathroom and grab a razor I give myself one cut, just one but not too deep but just enough to bleed. If people are gonna hate then this is what they get. There are just a thousand thoughts running threw my head 'what if Amber finds out, what if one of the boys see it, what should I say if someone asks, why was I so stupid?' "Zayn!!! What are you doing?!?" Louis yells barging into the bathroom "don't kill yourself!!" "Omg Louis! I'm not killing myself. It's just one cut and it isn't even bad" "I don't care. I'm not gonna let one of my best mates kil- I mean cut himself" "Zain Javadd Malik!! You stop that right now!!" My mum yells "you called my mum?!?" "No. Liam did" "mum, just leave me alone please. I'm an adult now and I'm married with 3 kids" "you had kids?????!!!!!" "Yeah. I already told you when they where born" "oh yeah" she chuckles stupidly. Her phone starts ringing "do you know who this is Zayn?" "Yeah. That's my wife" I answer it "hey babe. Why aren't you answering your phone?" "Sorry sweetie, it died a little bit ago" "it's ok. I just wanted to know what you where doing" "oh nothing just hanging out with my mum" "honey, I know what's going on. Louis and Liam told me all about it. Just please don't hurt yourself anymore" I give Lou the evil eye and he slowly walks away "you know what babe, I can't do this anymore-" "y-you're breaking up with me?" "no, no, just a little… urm break you can hang out with Justin for all I care" "are you sure babe?" "Yes. And I'll do the same, well if its ok with you" "sure,it's even then" "alright babe, I will talk to you later, love you" "love you too" I hang up and break the razor "I'm done" I smile "I don't give a care about what hate we get. I love her too much to just leave her" "well I'm glad my son found a nice girl that he loves"
**1 week later**
"Zayn baby, can I tell you something?" "Sure sweets" "urmm, I don't know how to say this" "what?" "Justin, um got me pregnant" "WHAT?!?" "It wasn't me, I swear he did it I would never do that to you" "are you going to get an abortion?" "I don't know. I'm still thinking" "I'm coming to Florida, now" I hang up and throw my phone on the ground it bounces of the rug and gets a tiny crack that's not even noticeable I open up my laptop and search about this 'JUSTIN BIEBER GETS AMBER MALIK PREGNANT!'
17: is it true that you got your ex gf, who is now married to Zayn Malik, pregnant?
JB: I don't know. I think I was drunk last night. I seriously don't remember anything but I'm sure I did
17: um. Nice story. Do you think you could call her and we could interview her threw the phone?
JB: sure. Hi love, it's Justin please call me back. She probably won't answer me cos I made her mad yesterday some how
17: maybe it's because you got her pregnant
I comment on the website saying 'this is bs, Amber would never do that to Justin and I AM the REAL Zayn I swear'

Authors note: don't say I spelled Zayn wrong once cus that's his birth name. He changed it.
I'm off of school fer 2 weeks so I will update more and also sorry these chapters are super short compared to my old ones. Kourtney is leaving tomorrow and I feel bad for her bf. he REALLY misses her and he's so sweet to me when she's around but in math he flips me off cus we sit in the back and she sits in the front
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