Forever Young

Aubree is only 16 years old but has already had a rough life. When her older brother Jared dies from his battle with cancer, her whole world seems ruined. She starts really questioning what she wants to do with her future because she doesn't think she'll ever be able to sing again until Liam comes into her life. Can Liam help her get the courage to sing again or will she take a completely different road with someone else?


8. The Run In With Danielle

      I couldn't shake the dreams I had been having. All of them related to being on a stage, singing and at some point or another Jared would show up. It didn't make sense to me, Jared knew I was done singing. He had to right? I kept my dreams to myself because I usually didn't take them seriously but they kept happening every night. Liam and I had gotten closer, however. Every now an then he would hint at me singing again or something but I just couldn't convince myself to. Deep, deep down I think I acutally wanted to sing but I just didn't. Biggie was getting harder to hide. He began to start barking a lot more, often waking my dad up so he would come check on me so I had to start playing music quite loudly to help block it out. He was a good dog over all though, never making messes inside, and usually being nice to everyone. The closer and closer I got to Liam, the harder it was to think he would be leaving in a few weeks.

"Want to come over for a camp out at my house tonight? I usually do it with Ari, Trent and Brooke occasionally."

"That sounds fun, yeah I'll go." Liam and I were walking around in Walmart picking up groceries for him and his family.

"So we have paper towels, milk, bread, and powerade left to get." We were right beside the dairy products so I grabbed some milk and went around the corner to the bread aisle.

"Just powerade and paper towels left right?"

"Right." We walked up and down random aisles until we stumbled upon paper towels. I waited for him to grab a pack before moving on to the powerade.

"Which color?", I asked.

"Blue. Blue is always best."

"I kinda like yellow. I love the lemon flavor."

"That's always a good choice too." We headed up towards the front until we heard a feminine voice.

"Liam? Is that you?" We turned around and I saw a taller, tanner girl with dark brown curly hair. Liam stood like stone.

"Oh, hi Danielle. I thought you were back at the house?" You could tell he was holding back a little. I looked at Danielle and saw how underdressed I was compaired to her. She was wearing a very nice lace top with a skirt to match and heels. I, on the other hand, was wearing an old school t-shirt with ripped jeans and my old, beat up converse. I looked practically homeless in comparison. I kept my distance behind Liam, not knowing if he wanted to introduce me. I was wrong.

"Your mom wanted me to come help, saying you were taking too long. Who's this?" She sounded impatient. Liam turned around and took my arm, bringing me closer to Danielle.

"This is Aubree. She's a very good friend of mine." Danielle looked me up and down before speaking. I couldn't read her mind but she didn't look impressed.

"I see. Well you don't have to hang around with this goof, I can take it from here", she told me. I didn't know what to say at first so I stuttered for a moment.

"O-oh okay. I-i'll just go then." I turned around and began walking but Liam stopped me.

"Aubree don't leave, please come here." I hesitated, not wanting to look at Danielle.

"I-its fine I can just talk to you later-", Liam then jumped in.

"If you've got this Danielle, why don't you go check us out while Aubs and I go pick up a few things for her mum." She looked pretty surprised.

"Oh. Well, okay then." She sounded a little hurt yet pissed at the same time. I saw her give me a quick glare before she took the basket and went to check out. 

"I'm sorry about her. She's always in my business like that." He took my hand in his an led us out the doors into the parking lot.

"She didn't sound very happy about me.."

"Jealousy. I don't understand why she's so possessive like that."

"I don't know why she would be jealous of me, she's way prettier." He stopped and locked his big brown eyes with mine.

"You're beautiful Aubree. Don't ever think of yourself as anything less", he sounded genuine with me. He then held my hand again until we got into the car. He was driving an older maxima model. It was still in good shape, though. I was very surprised with how well he adapted to driving in America since everything was pretty much backwards to him.

"My mom didn't say to pick her up anything."

"I know but it got us out of the store didn't  it?" We both laughed and chatted until we got back to my house. It was about 4:30 so Ari, Brooke, and Trent would be showing up soon so I needed to get everything ready. Whenever Ari couldn't stay I kept Biggie outside in the tent which was very big considering four teenagers usually stayed in it. Liam was very excited to see him but had to wait until my parents left. He helped me make popcorn, set out the stuff for s'mores and even started the campfire outside. Not long after, Liam met my parents. 

"Mom, dad, this is Liam Payne. Liam, these are my parents Brandie and Daniel." He shook their hands, being very polite and a lot more comfortable than most people were. My mom kept looking at me, knowing that I liked him which made me give her shoos with my hands often.

"Since all of y'all are having a camp out, we're going over to your Aunt Debra's. Turns out she broke her arm so we're gonna help her get settled in." My Aunt Debra only lived about an hour away but I never saw her much other than on the holidays. My Uncle Phil had died soon after Jared, from a car accident, leaving Aunt Deb alone and a few days after she found out she was pregnant with her first child. It had to be rough on her, losing her husband after her nephew then finding out she was carrying her first child. I felt awful not seeing her but I didn't have a car yet.

"Okay give her my love please."

"I will sweetie. Don't wreck the house."

"Okay, bye." They left and soon after everyone else showed up."

"Liam, this is Biggie", I held him up to Liam. He looked so cute the way he talked to Biggie, taking him outside and playing with him.Trent went with them then Ari came over.

"Has he met your parents yet?"

"Just did before they left for my Aunt's."

"Did they like him?"

"My mom does for sure and I reckon daddy does to considering Liam is still here." Brooke then walked over with a glass of pepsi in her hand.

"He loves that dog. Probably more than you Ari."

"Nuh uh! He can't it isn't possible." She jogged outside to join Tent and Liam while Brooke stayed inside, helping me pour ice into empty cups.

"So we ran into that Danielle girl today", I kept my voice low even though everyone else was outside.

"Was she nice?"

"If asking me to leave is nice."

"She asked you to leave?"

"She followed Liam or something and when she saw us she told me 'she had it' and I could leave. I started walking until Liam asked me to come back."

"Sounds kinda like a bitch if you ask me." Brooke wasn't shy about giving her opinion about something, never was. I didn't say anything, only finished filling the cups. It was a very fun night filled with laughter and craziness. When I woke up is when I was very shocked, however.

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