Forever Young

Aubree is only 16 years old but has already had a rough life. When her older brother Jared dies from his battle with cancer, her whole world seems ruined. She starts really questioning what she wants to do with her future because she doesn't think she'll ever be able to sing again until Liam comes into her life. Can Liam help her get the courage to sing again or will she take a completely different road with someone else?


10. Oh. Hey There Danielle...

     We were about to walk into A&F when we-well I-ran into Danielle. I was a little behind, texting when we bumped into each other. Of course I happened to not be wearing any makeup, why bother? At first I don't think she recognized me but maybe she didn't care to in the first place. I couldn't help but feel curious as to why she didn't like me. Liam and I were just friends anyway so I didn't see the big deal.

"Watch it-"

"I-i'm so sorry-Danielle?" She looked up, not giving much expression.

"Oh hi-Ashley right?"


"Oh yeah, we met in Walmart. You were with Liam. Are you two together by the way?"

"Just good friends I think, why?"

"He doesn't tell me anything anymore. Can't blame him, as long as we dated you just need a break sometimes." I could tell what she was hinting. They were only 'taking a break'. What if they were though? Liam did tell me that she wanted to get back together and he never told me it was out of the question. Plus she gave a little grin when I said we were only friends. It was really awkward talking to her one on one.

"So what brings you here today?" I knew right when I said it I sounded so stupid. It's only a mall Aubree, everyone comes to shop. DUHH.

"Just got some shoes and a pair of trainers. Oh and a shirt for Liam. What about you?" She sounded semi interested but still looked down at her phone quite often.

"My friend Trent needed some socks and such." She glanced up, looking around. 

"Is that him?" I turned around and saw Trent along with Ari looking out the store's window at us.

"Yeah and Ariana. We come here often."

"Are they dating?" I looked back again and saw him whispering something to her. Which is pointless considering they were out of hearing distance. Probably guessing what we were talking about.

"No. We're all single and best friends." 

"Oh, I see. Well I have to be going. Plans tonight. Goodbye Ash-"


"Yes right, Aubree." I know we don't 'know' each other but names really aren't that hard to learn. Especially since I corrected her once already. She went towards the parking lot while I went into the store.

"Was that Danielle?", Ari asked anxiously. 

"Yeah we ran into each other."

"What did y'all say?", Trent jumped in. He was looking at some boxers with funny phrases on them.

"Small talk mostly. She even asked if y'all were dating." That's when they got confused.

"Why the heck would she ask that?"

"Well Ari, when two people are staring at you and they start whispering to each other it's a natural assumption." Trent began laughing.

"Just can't keep the ladies off me, what can I say?" It actually was a surprise that Trent wasn't taken already. He was very fit but had a softer sweet face and you can never go wrong with those grey eyes of his. We all knew he would get a girlfriend when he really cared for her as a friend first. He wasn't ever one of those guys who jumped from girlfriend to girlfriend, he liked to wait for someone he really liked. His last girlfriend, Megan, stayed with him for about 9 months but called it off because her parents thought she was being tied down which always confused me because they really loved each other and he never had a problem with her parents so when they made her break up with Trent, his heart was broken. We loved Megan as a friend, she got along well with the group but after the breakup she knew it would be too much to keep hanging around with us all the time so we really only talked to her here and there at school.   

"You need a lady Trent, why don't you have one." Ari loved picking on him about it but it never really seemed to bother him.

"How do you know I don't already have one?"

"Cause you would have told us. You tell us everything", Ari stated. I had to agree with that point-Trent did tell us everything.

"You have a point. Guess I just haven't found the right girl yet."

"You'll find her soon won't you Trent?" I budded in.

"Yeah hopefully." We finished up shopping and went back to my house but Trent left soon after.

"I'll see y'all later. I got a football game to watch with my dad."

"Who's playing?"

"Bama and Ole Miss."

"Roll Tide!", I shouted as he got into his truck.

"Damn right!", he shouted back. We all hated Ole Miss, except Brooke. I never watched much football but when I did it was either an Alabama or State game. As for the NFL teams, never cared for any in particular. Never even watched the Superbowl unless someone I liked was performing or on one of the commercials. That night we watched the football game, just to watch Ole Miss lose. Brooke came over which was quite entertaining having her yell at most plays. I felt a little bad though because Biggie was left out in the tent since my parents stayed in for the night but we slept out in the tent to keep him company.

"They're gonna find out sooner or later Aubree. You need to tell them." I know Brooke loved Biggie just as much as the next person but she wasn't quiet about stating the obvious.

"What if they get mad?"

"It's only gonna get worse the longer you wait." She had a point. I needed to tell them.

"Fine. When should I?"

"Now." I got really nervous.

"Y'all come with me then so they won't yell as much." We walked in-well Brooke and Ari pushed me in I should say-and saw my parents watching a movie, their backs to us.

"Mom, dad? I need to tell you something." 

"What is it?" My mom asked, her back still turned. I went over and stood in front of them, showing them Biggie.

"Aubree Tatum McMasters get that dog out of here NOW." My dad seemed very annoyed already whereas my mom jumped up and started petting him.

"Daddy he doesn't have a home. We have to keep him, please? I can feed him my scraps and he can stay in my room." It took at least an hour to get him to agree but he did. He didn't pet him though, not wanting to smell like a dog. My mom was actually pretty happy about it, even giving him a piece of popcorn. We took him up to my room and let him run around.

"Who was right? Oh that would be Brooke." She sounded very accomplished.

"Yeah yeah thank you Brooke. It wasn't so bad."

"Nope now lets get some sleep."

***I hope you've all enjoyed it so far! Just wanted to say that I update whenever I can because sometimes I'm gone and not able to have internet so 99% of the time that's why I don't update. XxAbby(:




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