Forever Young

Aubree is only 16 years old but has already had a rough life. When her older brother Jared dies from his battle with cancer, her whole world seems ruined. She starts really questioning what she wants to do with her future because she doesn't think she'll ever be able to sing again until Liam comes into her life. Can Liam help her get the courage to sing again or will she take a completely different road with someone else?


25. Moving In

    ******************* Finally it's time to move into the contestants house. We're only allowed one bag, so I cram as much as possible into my suitcase.  Liam and I take the awaiting car outside to our new home. I take in my surroundings as we make our way there, thinking how everything is happening so fast. Seems like just the other day Jared died and we were grieving but that's the past, and I've never been so happy in my life. My parents-especially my mom-have really come out of their shells since we've been here. They're always out and about exploring. I really think this is therapy for them. Ruth and Nicola have been so supportive of Liam, it amazes me sometimes. I know Jared would be the same way if he were here. Liam reaches for my hand and I take it, feeling his whole arm shake. I know he's rather shy and keeps to himself most of the time, but I think he's mostly nervous about his new "bandmates" because he still hates Harry. They've done really well so far, for the band, so I hope they don't ruin their opportunity for Niall, Zayn, and Louis. I still haven't met Niall or Zayn, but I'm sure they're great people. I quickly snap back to reality when the car stops.

"Welcome to your new home kids." I look out the window and see a beautiful-big I might add-house we'll be staying in until we leave the competition. Liam and I both give each other nervous smiles before getting out of the car. After we gather our bags we make our way into the house, separating when we find our rooms on different sides of the house. 

"I hope I get a room to myself," I mumble while getting to the door. Once it's open, I'm surprised to find Cher unpacking her belongings. She jumps up and brings me into a hug.

"Aubree! How have you been?" I hug back tightly, dropping my bag in the process.

"A lot better now, I was so scared I'd get a horrible roommate." 

"Well", she laughs, "I hope I won't be too horrible." We chat, rather loud, and just get to know each other. She's a great friend and I know she'll do well in the competition.  We hear a knock on the door and it's Liam.

"Hey Liam", I greet while still unpacking. 

"Hi," he mumbles. Cher takes a seat on her bed, curious of his tone.

"What's wrong with you?", I question. He crosses his arms and leans against the doorframe. 

"Harry is the only one here right now and I really don't want to be around him." 

"Really? Liam, you're going to have to get along. Just talk it out, do something at least." He only rolls his eyes.

"We're boys. We don't just talk about our feelings if we have problems like girls do." That's true.

"Then you'll just have to be girls because this is getting ridiculous." Cher nods in agreement.


"No buts. I'll walk with you but not staying. You need to just accept you're bandmates and have to get along. He huffs, knowing I won't take any excuses and leads me to his room. To my surprise, his room is the same size as mine, as small as a dorm room, only he has bunk beds and one cot. Five boys have to share this room, that's insane. I finally notice Harry smiling at me.

"Oh, hey."

"Aubree, what brings you down here?"

"Babysitting." I look at Liam who refuses to look at Harry. 

"Oh really?" He starts laughing.

"It's not funny", Liam growls.

"I think it is."


"Alright, I've heard enough already", I say while throwing my arm up as a signal. 

"So why are you 'babysitting' Liam exactly?" He says this in a playful tone, only angering Liam. It just doesn't make sense for Liam to be acting this way. He has such a caring personality except to Harry.

"Because you both are acting immature for not already fix this", I say while whirling my arms around. They both look down.

"Now, I'm not staying for this discussion but if I hear that you didn't work it out, I'll get both of you." I point my finger at them and they nod while still looking down. I feel like a teacher after yelling at a student. I turn to leave and see Niall standing in the doorway trying not to laugh. My cheeks turn red in embarrassment.

"Excuse me", I laugh and squeeze through the doorway. I hear talking as I walk away so I take it as a good sign. If they don't work it out, they're screwed. Once I'm back in my room, Cher starts laughing.

"So how'd it go?" I fall unto my bed, laughing as well, while telling her everything.

*****A/N - Hope you liked the chapter! I haven't posted in awhile and felt badly because I still read other movellas on here. I'll try to update every weekend (if i have wifi). I'll also update Falling soon I hope but maybe next weekend or sooner if I have any spare time. The thing is, so you all understand, my parents-mainly mom-FLIPS every time she sees me on my computer so I barely get on it (Probably been two or more weeks since today). That is because my grades aren't amazing so she expects me to CONSTANTLY study-even on the weekends. SO, I hope you all understand and still keep reading. I'm not really sure how much longer I'll keep going in this movella because unfortunately all things must come to an end but whenever I can I'll not only update Falling but also publish a new-very different-movella. No one probably read this long ass A/N but that's okay lol I love you all anyways and thank you for being patient!   XxAbbyxX 



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