Forever Young

Aubree is only 16 years old but has already had a rough life. When her older brother Jared dies from his battle with cancer, her whole world seems ruined. She starts really questioning what she wants to do with her future because she doesn't think she'll ever be able to sing again until Liam comes into her life. Can Liam help her get the courage to sing again or will she take a completely different road with someone else?


16. First Flight

    I was woken up at 5:30a.m. to get ready for my flight. Liam called me and talked to me as we both got ready. I was really nervous and anxious since this would be my first flight but Liam assured me I would be fine and it's fun to fly. I kept running around, adding extra things to bring with me until my mom and dad told me we were ready to leave for Memphis. I gave my dad my suitcase while mom ran back downstairs to start loading her luggage. I grabbed my purse along with my CD bag, closing my door behind me. I don't really know why I stopped by Jared's room. He already knew what was happening but I still felt I should tell him anyway. I walked in, ready to meet the cold air as always-but it wasn't cold anymore. It was actually really warm, the sun trying to shine through his covered window. You could even hear the early whistles of birds as the sun slowly rose.

"This is it Jared, I'm going after my dream", I started. "I owe it to you, for always being there when I ever needed you, even if it was only when I would fall off my bike. You told me at a very young age that I could make it big, and I'm going to try. I never thought I would be able to-but Liam has been a very good and supportive friend. I hope you're up there watching over mom, dad and me. I hope I can make you proud." I felt a single tear run down my face but it wasn't out of sadness. It was because of the peace and warmness that I now felt in his room. I didn't care if anyone heard or saw me and thought I was crazy, it was more of a comfort thing for me. Knowing he would be with me through my journey that I was about to begin.

"Aubree, it's time to go hun", I heard mom call. I left his room to join mom and dad, leaving his door open.

"We should be there by 7:00 if we leave now. Our flight leaves at 8:30", dad announced.

"I talked to Karen and they're stopping by so we can follow each other up there and stay together." Mom and Karen had become quite close in the past couple of days. They went out a time or two for just a girls' day and they had a good time from what they've said. Geoff and my dad had also met and become friends. They bonded over sports and favorite teams. Once the Payne family pulled in, we said our hellos and then headed to Memphis for the flight. The car ride wasn't anything special. Just a lot of music and nerves. When we arrived at the airport it was a little past seven but that wasn't a problem. I rolled my suitcase inside while Geoff and my dad did the parking. Liam had a big smile on his face the whole time we were walking around the airport. Maybe flying wasn't such a scary thing that I perceived it to be. Liam picked a row of chairs to set our stuff down in, deciding where we would be waiting. It was very crowded, like all airports. I hurried and sat down, not wanting to be pushed into strangers all around.

"I don't guess you've ever been in an airport either?" Liam asked.

"I think once when I was a baby, to say goodbye to some relatives maybe but other than that, nope."

"Want to get somthing to eat?"

"Yeah I missed breakfast." By this time everyone was sitting with us so we wrote down what everyone wanted and proceeded to the food court. I actually didn't even see what we picked, the crowd was pretty big and I'm only 5'3 whereas Liam was 5'10 probably. I stayed behind him, grasping his offered hand and let him order and get the food while I got the coffee and water. We ate and talked, learning about the U.K. It seemed really fun and exciting which made most of my nerves disappear.

    Most of the boarding process was a blur. We headed to board our plane a bit early, not wanting any chaos but that didn't exactly pan out. I got lost at one point, being shoved away from Liam's hand so he had to search the crowd for a pretty short person. I didn't mind being short most of the time but in big crowds it can get a bit crazy. Eeventually he found me and held on to me tighter than ever, keeping me in front of him and telling me where to turn. After we dropped our baggage off we followed our parents to the boarding area. I didn't take up much time in the security section because I didn't wear any jewlery, hearing how long girls take to remove all their metal items. I kept it simple with a bigger pink shirt and acid washed jean shorts along with white Toms to match. Finally we got to the lady standing in front of the hallway leading to the plane. Our moms kept our information to be quicker and it worked pretty well because soon enough we were boarding our plane. I walked a little slower, not wanting to board at first until Liam reasured me and led the way. The seating arrangements were simple-My mom and Karen, dad and Geoff, Ruth with Nicola, and lastly Liam and me. He insisted that I took the window seat, knowing I loved taking pictures. I was hesitant but took it anyway. We sat there for awhile before the flight attendant came on the speaker, telling us to turn our phones off and such. After we went through all the procedures we put on our seatbelts and were on our way to England.

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