Forever Young

Aubree is only 16 years old but has already had a rough life. When her older brother Jared dies from his battle with cancer, her whole world seems ruined. She starts really questioning what she wants to do with her future because she doesn't think she'll ever be able to sing again until Liam comes into her life. Can Liam help her get the courage to sing again or will she take a completely different road with someone else?


6. Finding Biggie

     It didn't take much longer for my next chance to ask about Danielle. She always seemed to need him whenever he was with me and or Ariana, Trent and Brooke. I found it all a little weird but annoying at the same time. This time we were fishing with Trent-he and Liam had become pretty close-so he gave me his phone to hold. I set it down next to me and tried to ignore it but I found myself looking at it a little too often, becoming more and more anxious. I'm not the kind of girl to snoop on anyone's phone but this was different I felt. Sure enough a message popped up. >Hey babe could you bring my ipod back to me whenever you get done running? Thanks :)<. At that point I knew he had to be taken, why else would she call him 'babe'? Then I realized she said 'running'. I knew Liam was very athletic but all he had done the whole day was fish with Trent and me. Why would he lie to her? Even though I was so sure my chance was over, I still informed him about the message.

"Liam. Hey, you have a message."

"Who's it from?"

"Looks like Danielle." He shifted a little bit but that was all.

"Don't worry about it. Can't be THAT important." I was a little surprised at his response. This was my chance.

"If you don't mind me asking, who is Danielle anyway?" I really hated asking this because I didn't want to come off 'snoopy' even though I kind of was. He left a gap before answering.

"Well. It's a tad complicated."

"How so?" Trent began to notice my intrest.

"Well, we've dated off and on but nothing serious. She wants to start talking again but I don't know. Anyway, when we WERE dating I invited her down here since she's good friends with my sisters and anytime I'm gone she naggs me until I get back to the house my family is staying in." I was trying to take it all in.

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about it. I feel sort of bad actually because I lie just to stay out of the house longer. She gets jealous easily." I know the feeling.

"Well, you have to do what you have to sometimes", Trent joined.

"Exactly", I swear he winked at me but I thought of every way to deny it. We fished a while longer before saying bye. When I got home I noticed my dad's car was still gone and when I got inside I found a note. They were at a business party and wouldn't be home till late. I didn't ask but I went on and called Ari and asked her to come over. We ordered pizza and went outside to eat in the tent.

"It's so weird not having Brooke and Trent out here with us."

"I know but I didn't ask so I figured they wouldn't be as upset if it were only you. You practically live here anyway." She nodded in agreement and continued eating her pizza.

"So did you ever ask about Danielle?"

"Today I got the chance and I took it." She waited for me to explain.

"Well he said she's a semi ex girlfriend, she wants to talk again, she's staying with him and his family while they're here and something about her being the jealous type so he has to lie about when he hangs with us." Ari stayed silent, listening fully through until I was done.

"Well. Now what?"

"I uh, I'm not sure. I don't think he likes me more than a friend."

"Well you don't know that. Y'all have barely known each other. Maybe Danielle is holding him back and it's just hard because she's staying with them." Ariana had a good point. Maybe that was it.

"I could see that. Maybe that's it." After we ate and talked we went back inside to go up to my room but Ari stopped in front of Jared's door.

"Have you..Since it happened?"

"Once. I felt I hadn't been in there so long, I just had to." She put her hand on the knob and I gave her a nod.

"It's so cold in here.."

"I know. I don't know why though. The air hasn't been on."

"That's weird." She walked over and sat down by the guitar. Since Jared and I were so close Ari and I often stayed in his room and hung out with him all the time. They would never admit it but I knew they had crushes on each other. I looked over and saw her hand brush over his guitar. I can remember Jared teaching us a song or two, but I really liked learning the piano. I never stuck with it though, because at age nine is when I started singing. Jared was sitting in his room playing Sweet Home Alabama on the guitar when Ari and I walked in. Ari sat on his bed and watched him play while I remember jumping around and pretending to sing with a brush instead of an actual microphone. After that Jared knew I had something going wth my voice so he started helping me learn slower songs like Over The Rainbow, Silent Night, and our favorite, Forever Young. I know it can be sung many different ways but we liked to keep it slow-it just sounded better to us. No one knew Jared could sing until my first talent show. Mom signed me up knowing it would be good practice if I ever wanted to stick with it-which I was very driven even at an early age-but I just got stage fright and couldn't calm down until Jared promised to go up with me but I ended up making him sing a few parts. He sang very well and the funny thing was that no one else in my family sang that we know of so Jared and I having musical talent was a very unexepected surprise.

"Have you ever thought about singing again?"

"I actually haven't. I made the pact to myself that I wouldn't so I've stuck to it."

"I know it must be hard. I can only imagine. But I think you should really sing again."

"I just can't Ari. I can't." The thing I respected about Ari is she always knew when to stop with an argument. She never let it get out of hand.

"Okay. If you say so." We got up and went next door to my room to get ready for bed. I checked my phone and saw Liam asked to skype. We did and talked until both Ari and I fell asleep during the call. It was really fun but he had to whisper until Danielle went to bed. The last thing I remember is Liam wanting to take me to dinner the next night at Kyoto's. He said he went there the other night and it's one of his favorite places here. I agreed and I think that's around the time Ari and I just passed out. I woke up with half of my face on my laptop and once I lifted it I rubbed it because it had gotten sore. I grinned when I saw that the skype call was still going. You could see Liam, still in his clothes from the day before, sitting upright in his chair sleeping soundly. I typed him a message before ending the call and getting a shower. I let Ari stay asleep because she usually always gets the first shower. Once I was out Ari had woken up and was waiting with a towel.

"Darn you beat me this time."

"Sure did." I let her begin her shower while I changed into a loose t-shirt and holy jeans with my converse. I straightened my hair since it was usually kept in long, wavy strands and I applied simple makeup. I didn't know what we would be doing for the day, I only knew I was having dinner with Liam. We finally decided on a shopping day, we called Brooke and asked if she wanted to go and if she wanted to she could meet us at the outlet mall. We knew Trent wouldn't have wanted to go unless he wanted to flirt with girls but he was probably busy anyway.

      It was a really cool day. The sun was up but it wasn't as warm as usual but the sky looked clear. Perfect shopping weather. We bought shirts, pants, bras, perfume, jewlery-pretty much anything and everything but I made sure to keep a budget. We were walking to the next store when I heard a small bark. I looked around but didn't see anything so I kept walking until I heard it again.

"Did y'all hear that?" Brooke and Ari looked confused.

"Hear what Aubree?", Ari asked.

"I heard a bark but there isn't a dog in sight. What if it's a stray?", I asked worried.

"Are you sure you heard a bark?" Brooke asked, unsure.

"Just listen." We waited a couple of minutes until we all heard it.

"Maybe it's coming from behind that trash can." I suggested. We slowly walked to the can and saw it. It was a chihuahua puppy shaking in a torn up box. It only had a small, worn out plastic bowl halfway filled with water. The poor thing was so scared. It was a cute chihuahua. Mostly white with yellow and light brown patches all over.

" Your dad would KILL you",Brooke warned. I bent down and let it smell my hand.

"It's not like you could take it, your mom is allergic and Ari is always at my house anyway."

"You have never had a pet-you don't have food or toys-", Brooke started.

"I kept a budget while shopping. I still have money left so I can buy a bag of food and a toy or two." Ari stayed quiet, just petting the puppy.

"I could just hide it. Can't be too hard cosidering it's a small dog in general. Plus it's so skinny and scared. Forget puppy food, I can just eat in my room and feed it that way."

"Aww! It's a cute little boy!", Ari exclaimed. I picked him up and his tail immediately started wagging then he began licking my cheek.

"We're taking him. I'm not just gonna leave this poor baby." Brooke decided to just let it go and we headed towards Chick-fil-A for lunch.

"They aren't gonna let us take that dog in", Brooke pouted.

"I could go get the food and we can just eat at one of the outside tables", Ari countered. I agreed and gave Ariana the money while Brooke and I picked out a table. I took a picture of the puppy and me and sent it to Liam. He sounded excited saying he couldn't wait to meet the little guy. Ari came out with our food a few minutes later and handed everything out. I usually got a chicken sandwich but since I had to share my meal with a particularly adorable puppy, I got the chicken nuggets and fries. I also asked for water instead of soda. When I sat my food in front of me the puppy began jumping all over me and squealing in excitement. I immediately gave him a small piece of chicken and he quickly swllowed it, ready for more so I continued feeding him instead of myself.

"So we need to give this little guy a name", I announced.

"What about Rex or Max?", Brooke suggested.

"Eh I kinda want a cute but funny name. Like Biggie or something."

"That's perfect!", Ari shouted in excitement. I looked down at him and started calling Biggie out to him and he responded in barks and jumps.

"Biggie it is." I said at last.

******Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! Sorry it takes me awhile to write these because I do freehand instead of planning so I apologize for any sloppiness haha (:


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