Forever Young

Aubree is only 16 years old but has already had a rough life. When her older brother Jared dies from his battle with cancer, her whole world seems ruined. She starts really questioning what she wants to do with her future because she doesn't think she'll ever be able to sing again until Liam comes into her life. Can Liam help her get the courage to sing again or will she take a completely different road with someone else?


22. Falls And Skype

The past few days have sucked a little. I've been missing Ariana, Brooke, and Trent like crazy and on top of that Nicola has the flu so she's been in the hospital for four days now. I did get my shopping day with Ruth though. She has an eye for fashion. I gave in and bought a few more dresses but mostly tops and jeans. Liam and I have gotten closer like the whole audition incident never happened. We don't sleep head to toe anymore but I don't consider that to be a big deal. Boot camp is only a week away and I'm so pumped. I'll not only be doing what I love but also meeting a lot of amazing people as well. Today Liam is taking me for a jog. That's one way we like to bond now since we're both athletic. We usually run a mile or two every other day. We're running down a cobble stone road and around the park near our hotel. Liam is just a little bit ahead of me when I look down at my ipod to change songs. I keep my pace which should be a good thing but since I'm not really paying attention I don't see the drop off to the park so I fall hard to the ground, tearing up my hands and knees. I doesn't seem like a bad fall but the outcome is painful. Blood is running down my legs and fingers when I call for Liam. He looks back thinking I want a break but his expression is one of panic when he see me. He runs over and within seconds his shirt is off and hes gently patting the bleeding areas then he's holding me and carrying me back to the hotel.
"Are you okay Aubree?"
"Yeah, my hands are just numb."
"I'll get you cleaned up."
"Sorry our run is cut short." I look at my knee and wince at the stinging sensation. It could always be worse, I think to myself, so suck it up.
"We were almost done anyway. There's always next time." He gives me a reassuring smile. His toned body is warm against mine and I can feel his heartbeat.
"You didn't have to take off your shirt you know", I tease.
"Had to stop the bleeding somehow. Plus you know you love it." He smiles down at me in his arms when I start blushing. A few minutes later we're back at the hotel and Liam's placed me on top of the counter. I panic when I see him get out some kind of spray.
"Liam please not the spray! It's gonna burn, please don't."
"Have you ever had this applied to a cut?" I look down and stare at my hands.
"Well, not but that's what I've heard."
"Do you believe everything you hear?"
"Well no but-"
"Do you trust me?" That's when I felt calm. I'd trust my life with Liam. He's one of the most sincere people I've ever met.
"Then don't worry about it. You'll be fine, I promise." He holds my leg down and starts to spray. It does sting but then he starts blowing on it. It almost instantly feels better. He does the same to my other knee and then to both of my hands.
"Told you it wouldn't be so bad", he says grinning.
"How did you know to blow on it?"
"I don't know, my mum used to do it to me. I figured it might work for you as well." He gets out band-aids out and once my cuts are covered he helps me off the counter. My hands are slowly getting feeling back once I start shaking them by my side. I decide this is a perfect time to Skype Ariana, Trent, and Brooke. As I pull out my computer and start the call, Liam comes in still shirtless and sits on the ground, starting to do sit-ups.
"Show off", I smirk as he stops to laugh.
"In not the one who cut our run short", he winks. I playfully roll my eyes and wait for my Skype call to be answered. It is but only Ari and Trent are on the screen.
"Where's Brooke?" Trent rolls his eyes and looks away.
"She's with Luke now", Ari speaks up.
"Luke? The quarterback Luke?" She nods unfortunately. Luke is one of the biggest players. He puts hook up then break up to use. Typical quarterback right? Well his messy brown hair and blue eyes can be deceiving. He's put a girl named Kaylee in the hospital once for losing his temper. He's dangerous in my eyes. Brooke usually wouldn't go for someone like him so it confuses me.
"She can be so stubborn", Trent starts.
"Did you talk to her about it?"
"I did and she went off. Saying I'm only telling her because I'm jealous-blah, blah, blah.."
"She won't return my calls", Ari adds.
"I haven't heard from her in a while either."
"Maybe you can try and talk to her? Luke is gonna hurt her", Trent mentions.
"Okay, I'll try my best." Soon Liam joins us and we all catch up. Ari got a job in Forever 21 and Trent has been making a bunch of money doing yard work. I just hope Brooke is okay.
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