Forever Young

Aubree is only 16 years old but has already had a rough life. When her older brother Jared dies from his battle with cancer, her whole world seems ruined. She starts really questioning what she wants to do with her future because she doesn't think she'll ever be able to sing again until Liam comes into her life. Can Liam help her get the courage to sing again or will she take a completely different road with someone else?


5. A Day Out On The Lake

      I woke up to footsteps raoming around the hardwood floors in my room. I groaned before turning over and seeing my mom, putting some of my clothes away in my closet.

"You don't have to do that mom, I'll do it. I was just too tired last night."

"It's fine, I did all of your extra laundry too. I'm going to clean the entire house today." I knew not to ask why. Since Jared's passing, she needed to keep herself preoccupied considering she got fired for missing too much work. She liked cleaning but other times she would have weird mood changes and just go off about me not doing any of my chores when she had already done them all. Since she had decided to clean for the day I knew I could go do something for the day.

"What time is it mom?" She glanced down at her watch and gave it a quick shake.

"9:34. Are you getting up? I have breakfast made downstairs."

"Yeah I guess I am and thanks for putting up my clothes." I walked down to the kitchen, not bothering to change since I hadn't made plans yet so I grabbed a plate of bacon, grits, and hashbrowns and sat down at the table. I hadn't looked at my phone since last night to check the time so after I ate I headed back to my room and found my phone laying on the floor beside my bed. Two text messages. One from Ariana wanting to hang out and the other from an unknown number. I opened the message and it read >Hey Aubs, it's Liam. Just wanted to let you know it was lovely meeting you last night. Hope to see you again soon :)< I smiled while reading it then texted back and told him that if he wanted to hang out with Ari and I, it would be fine. He texted back a couple of minutes later asking where to meet so I began thinking of semi interesting places in Mississippi. I finally decided on a day out on the lake. I figured he liked swimming, simple enough. Plus if I asked I'm sure Trent would't mind taking his boat. Before I told Liam I made sure it was okay with Ari and Trent and they loved the idea. Brooke wanted to come but she had to work at Books-A-Million. She loved working there, plus she got free coffee since the store was shared with Joe Muggs.

      The sun was shining down on the surprisingly clear lake water. I took out my camera and snapped a picture. I loved taking pictures especially of bodies of water and sunsets. All four of us got on Trent's boat, I decided to sit inbetween Liam and Ari. Trent tried to show off driving which Liam and I found humorous although Ari got pissed and hit him on his head a few times for causing her magazine pages to be flipped all around.

"Who's ready to tube?", Trent asked.

"Tube? I've never done tubing", Liam said unsure.

"It's really fun. Want to go together?", I reasurred him.

"Alright." Trent got the stuff ready while I debated wearing a lifejacket. I really hate them and I felt like I would be alright without one.

"Aubree you don't have a vest on", Trent reminded.

"I don't want one though," I pouted.

"Just in case. I won't let you go till you have one on." I felt like a little kid having to wait twenty minutes after you eat to swim. Trent was always very protective though, over anyone so I knew if I didn't put one on, he would hold me down and put it on for me.

"Okay fine." I grabbed an orange vest and strapped it while Liam took off his shirt to put one on as well. I couldn't help but notice his very fit body, similar to Trent's except a little more toned. We jumped in the water and grabbed the straps. I told him to just hold on as long as he could and have fun. The cold water hit my face a ton, making seeing a little more difficult but it was worth it whenever we jumped a wave. We eventually sped up and hit a wave the wrong way making my side flip so I fell off but Liam held on. I loved swimming and all but being in the middle of any lake, pond, river, or even ocean and having nothing to do but float there and wait, freaks me out. I immediately think of all the huge fish swimming around and the one that scares me the most-Gar. Gar are types of fish that to my understanding are gigantic catfish type creatures that can actually swallow people. Their sizes vary but they can get HUGE. Anyway I always think of those specifically just swimming around somewhere under me and I start to panic horribly so I end up swimming towards the boat even though most people just wait. When I got on the boat I felt so much better and I saw how much fun Liam had tubing.

"I can't believe I had never done that!" I laughed and sat back down, letting Ari take a spin on the tube. I put on my sunglasses and layed out, starting to tan while Liam sat towards the front talking to Trent. I don't remember falling alseep but sometimes I do while enjoying the sun too much. Trent woke me up, telling me it was lunch time. He held out a ham sandwich.

"Thanks, how long was I out for?"

"Maybe twenty, twenty-five minutes probably", Liam replied. Ariana was eating some chips and talking on the phone with Brooke. Brooke often called us whenever she was on her lunch break, just to see what we were up to.

"You missed it, I taught Liam to drive", Trent smiled.

"He did. He wants to knee board so I asked him to teach me." He was so cute when he was excited or anxious.

"That's nice. Trent's great at just about anything. He's the one who taught me to skate-well before I ran into you", I giggled. After Trent knee boarded a few times we all decided just to talk on the boat.

"So how long are you here for Liam?", Ari asked.

"I think until the summer ends. It all depends if I try out for the Xfactor."

"You sing?", Trent asked, interested.

"I dabble. Just a fun thing I like to do sometimes and some of my mates back home think I should give it a go."

"That sounds exciting! You know, Aubree does too-", Ari started but I cut her off.

"USED to", I quickly corrected her. Liam looked a little confused so I quickly started asking him more about the types of music he liked and such-keeping me out of the equation. We stayed out on the water pratically all day before leaving, Liam asking me out for ice cream. My mom hdn't tried contacting me all day so I figured everything was okay and since dad was working, why not?

"What flavor?", Liam asked. I was in the middle of taking a picture of a huge cherry tree.

"Chocolate. Definitely." I said before snapping my picture.

"Two please", I heard him tell the worker. Liam gave me his phone to hold while he grabbed our treats so I couldn't help but look down when his phone buzzed from a new message. It was another from Danielle asking when he would be back at the house and she wanted him to call her. Liam looked over once we were seated and saw me looking at his phone.

"Oh s-sorry. It buzzed and I just-" He laughed a little.

"It's quite alright. Probably just Dani." Dani. I was somehow already jealous when I had no idea who she was. I could potentially be jealous of a family member or something. I hated the feeling of jealousy. Just the word made me uncomfortable. I usually kept to myself and never cared much to like anyone. But Liam was just different. I really kind of liked him. I knew I should have asked then and there but I had already waited to long. After we had finished eating it was around four. The Danielle thing still bothered me and I wanted it to stop but I was with Liam, so why be thinking about another girl wanting to talk to him? I made a promise to myself that the next chance I got I would ask about 'Dani' because if I didn't, I might go a little crazy.



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