Mylo the Pig

This is about a pig named Mylo who likes the Beatles and popcorn. :)


3. Mylo and Paul

As Mylo walked down Penny Lane, he saw a figure in the distance. He found out it was Paul McCartney. Mylo ran up to him and said, "Sir, can you autograph my album? It's made by you and I really like it."

 "I'm sorry," Paul said, astonished that Mylo could talk. "But I'm heading toward the shore to my Yellow Submarine."

 "So you guys live up to your songs!" Mylo said. "But I am sure signing my album won't take long. Please sir? I probably will never see you again. After all, I am a pig. And would you like some popcorn?" 

 "Okay. And yes, I would like some popcorn. What is your name, young pig?" Paul said. 

 "Mylo, sir," Mylo said, giving Paul a marker. Paul signed the album and took the popcorn, leaving Mylo to wander down Penny Lane.

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