Mylo the Pig

This is about a pig named Mylo who likes the Beatles and popcorn. :)


4. Mylo and John

Mylo finally made it home. But to his surprise, no one was there! (oh no!) Mylo wandered the farm, searching for his owners. He saw John Lennon getting a microphone ready.

 "John Lennon! You're here! Why? And have you seen my owners?" Mylo exclaimed.

 "Little pig, don't worry. You're owners are just out for a quick stroll. Here, I'll sign that album for you," John replied. Mylo nodded. "You're name is Mylo, right? It looks like Paul signed this before me, didn't he?" Mylo nodded once more. Soon, Mylo was left alone again. But only to see another surprise. 

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