It Started With A Party

I saw him standing there, group of guys around him, red solo cup in hand, eyes to the floor. I hadn't realized how long I had been staring until someone knocked into me and spilled my drink all down my front. I started frantically trying to clean it up when I saw a toned arm extend towards me with a towel, at that moment I didn't care how stained my new white blouse was, all I cared about was staring Ito those beautiful brown eyes a little longer.


31. Winners!!!!

Hey everyone!! I wish I could have picked all f the applications because they were sooo good! But I can only pick so many and here they are:


Ariza K. Amanda (Louis)

Nialler's_Twin (Zayn)

Jenni_Horan1D (Harry)



To anyone that wanted to be with Niall I'm sorry! I'm going to keep Morgan in the story for now but still keep putting in applications for the future! Thanks So Much and to the winners please contact me so that I can ask you some questions!



Kik: N.Bert


Whichever works! Thanks!






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