It Started With A Party

I saw him standing there, group of guys around him, red solo cup in hand, eyes to the floor. I hadn't realized how long I had been staring until someone knocked into me and spilled my drink all down my front. I started frantically trying to clean it up when I saw a toned arm extend towards me with a towel, at that moment I didn't care how stained my new white blouse was, all I cared about was staring Ito those beautiful brown eyes a little longer.


25. Team Liam

Chelsea's POV:

I woke up at Morgan's and she was gone, I walked into her living room to find her sitting on the couch facing Niall. They both had tear stained faces,

"I'm sorry... I'll go.. I was meaning to get home anyways," I muttered,

"Which one?" Morgan asked softly,

"I don't know yet," I said guiltily,

"Good luck," Niall said to me,

"Thanks," I said as I made my way to the door and just as I was closing it behind me I heard Niall call after me,

"Chelse?" he yelled,

"Yeah Ni?" I said,

"I know it might not mean much but Morgan told me everything that happened and I'm definitely team Liam," he explained,

"Me too," said Morgan,

"I know you think it doesn't mean anything but it really does, thank you guys," I said with a smile as I walked out.

I jumped in my car and drive towards home, I knew exactly where I was going. 

Four hours passed and I was starting to get kind of hungry, I pulled into a sketchy gas station and started to pump the gas into my car, I finished and walked into pay, putting my phone in my bra as I walked. I locked my car and went in. I got a blue slushy and a bag of popcorn, I paid for everything and walked outside, I was just catching a breath of fresh air when my slushy was knocked out of my hand along with my popcorn, I turned to the person,

"Hey! That was m-," I was silenced by the black barrel that was pointed between my eyes, my eyes started to water,

"Get on the ground!" he shouted at me,

I started crying,

"I said get on the ground bitch!" he yelled as he pushed me to the ground,

"Now! Give me all your money! And your keys!" he yelled waving his gun around,

"O...o...okay," I fumbled with my things as I stuttered,

"Hurry up!" he shouted as he looked around hoping to not get caught,
I cried and gave him everything, he ran of and took my car with him, I didn't know what to do.

I pulled my phone out and only had 5% battery I only had one call and I sure as hell couldn't waste it, I dialed the first number on my speed dial,

It rang for what felt like forever, finally a groggy voice picked up,

"Hello?" the voice muttered into the phone,


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