It Started With A Party

I saw him standing there, group of guys around him, red solo cup in hand, eyes to the floor. I hadn't realized how long I had been staring until someone knocked into me and spilled my drink all down my front. I started frantically trying to clean it up when I saw a toned arm extend towards me with a towel, at that moment I didn't care how stained my new white blouse was, all I cared about was staring Ito those beautiful brown eyes a little longer.


20. She Cried

"Chelsea, you have no idea how much I love you. I would give the world to you if I could, in all honesty words cannot describe my love for you," he said sternly,

"Wow.... Harry.." I smiled,

"But I know you still love Liam," he said, my smile faded quickly, I was beyond confused,

"What? After everything you think I still love him?" I questioned,

"Yeah, I do," he said angrily and left the shower,
He got dressed and stormed out of his place, I heard his car start and screech down the street,

I broke down, I couldn't take it, he was right. I do still love Liam, maybe even more than Harry? What am I saying??? I need to call someone, I dialed Morgan, 

"Hello?" Nialls voice spoke through the phone,

"Hey Niall, where's Morgan?" I asked,

"She went out with her mum for the day, forgot her phone, everything ok?" he asked kindly,

"I... Um....." I went silent,

"Chelse...?" he asked softly,

I just started crying into the phone, 

"Hold on, I'll be there in ten," he said quickly and hung up,

*ten minutes later*

*knock knock knock*

I opened the door to see a concerned looking Niall, I told him everything, and I mean everything, I can imagine it was hard for him to hear me properly through my sobs, he placed a comforting hand on my shoulder,

"Liam still loves you Chelsea, he never stopper loving you," he told me,

I was in shock, after what I did to him? He still loved me?

"That can't be true," I said sternly in disbelief, 

"It is, you need to go talk to him, like now," he said as he helped me up off the couch,

"Thank you Niall, but what about Harry?" I asked,

"He will understand, he loves you yeah but you'd be a fool not to know that Liam loves you more," he told me,

"Wow.. I really have to go," I told Niall, I hugged him tightly and kissed his cheek,

"Thank you do much Niall, you're amazing," I smiled,

"Anytime," he said nicely,

I ran out the door and jumped in my car, I sped to Liam's flat, 

I knocked on the door hardly and rapidly, 
He opened it and his eyes grew wide but then a look of anger mixed with hurt crossed his face,

"What do you want? There's still some pieces of my heart left have you come to shatter them too? Because honestly I could care less," he said harshly, 

"I deserve that, I came to apologize, for what I did to you," I said softly,

He motioned for me to come inside, we sat on the couch, it held so many memories,

"So, did you break Harry's heart too and come back to destroy me even more? This isn't a game Chelsea!" he yelled,

"No... Harry will be fine, he was right," I told him, 

"Right about?" he questioned,

"That I still love you..." I said softly,

"And it took you this long to know that? What did you get bored of Harry?" he yelled, wow... I really crushed him..

"No.. I knew it all along, it just took me this long to realize I made the wrong decision," I said, he eyes grew wide with hope and love,

"I mean yeah I do love Harry," I started, the hope fading and his head shot down, I placed a hand on his cheek and brought his face up to mine, 

"But you will always be my one and only, the one that I love more than anything, my hearts one true desire, one of the only people I would die for Liam.." I told him,

He looked at me with love in his eyes, he pulled me close and ours lips met, for the first time in months I was once again close with the man I truly love, the man I wish to spend the rest of my life with, the kiss was incredible filled with so much passion and lust, I missed his kisses, I missed him, I hope this can all go back to being me and him, facing the world together, being in love, waking up to each other everyday, this.. Was love.

*A week later*

I woke up to a still sleeping Liam, he looked so adorable in his sleep, over the past week I moved back in with Liam and things couldn't be better, I mean we haven't really done anything romantic yet but hopefully that would come later today, after Liam went to Harry's, Liam promised he would go patch things up with Harry and they could get past what happened between the three of us, my final decision was made and of course I felt bad for Harry.. I loved him, but Liam was right for me in every way, and I'm living with no regrets over my decision. 

*five hours later*

It's one in the afternoon and Liam just left for Harry's, I had nothing to do until he returned, I called Morgan,

"Hello...?" her voice said quietly,

"Morgan? What's wrong?" I questioned,

"Niall and I got in a fight, it was pretty bad, he stormed out and I haven't heard from him since," she cried,

"When did this happen?" I asked clearly shocked,

"This morning, when we woke up, I really can't even remember what it was over anymore, I want my Niall, Chelse," she cried,

"I'm on my way Morgan, sit tight," I sighed, I got up and showers quickly, I applied some light make up and threw my hair up in a high ponytail and drove to Morgan's flat, I knocked and she let me in, we spent the night talking about everything that's happened and really bonded over our two new best friends Ben and Jerry, eventually Niall came home and I left them to talk I went home and Liam still wasn't there I called him,

"Helllllooo?" he shouted/laughed into his phone,

"Liam..? Where are you...?" I could hear voices in the background,

"Just at Harry's, don't worry baby," he said trying to sound like a stud,

"Are you drunk?" I asked,

"What??? Nahhhhh," he said not helping his cover,

"Liam, come on," I said sternly,

"Don't be a nag, if you got a problem bring your fine ass over here and tell me," he laughed, I hung up,

That's it. I jumped in my car and drove to Harry's, I slammed on the door, music was thumping from behind the door and vibrating the floor, the door opened and I saw a familiar mop of curls, 

"Oh, hey.. Chelsea.." he said softly his head facing the floor,

"What have you done to Liam?" I questioned sternly, he looked up and our eyes met, he was drunk too,

"You look nice, like really beautiful," he slurred his words,

"Not the point Harry, where is he," I said as I pushed passed him, I walked through his flat and tried to find Liam, and I did.. He was doing the last thing I would have ever expected from him,

Hey guyssss!!! It's definatly been a while! Been super busy lately, sorry i just wanted I give you guys a quick little update and to tell you that I'm trying to figure out an updating schedule, so my other movella "The Wedding" which you should check out of you haven already and if you have I loooove you! Will be updated on weekdays and this movella will be updated every weekend! That's so much for reading, don't forget to like, favourite, and share this with your friends!! <3 and any suggestions please leave in the comment boxes below!!

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