It Started With A Party

I saw him standing there, group of guys around him, red solo cup in hand, eyes to the floor. I hadn't realized how long I had been staring until someone knocked into me and spilled my drink all down my front. I started frantically trying to clean it up when I saw a toned arm extend towards me with a towel, at that moment I didn't care how stained my new white blouse was, all I cared about was staring Ito those beautiful brown eyes a little longer.


3. Arriving.

We walked in, the music was blasting! The bass was vibrating the booze in everyones cups,we walked into the living room and all of the couches and coffee table were pressed up against the wall and tons of people were dancing around grinding up against eachother. It was amazing, almost a hundred people were there! I finally found my cousin and she started introducing me to dozens of people, so many cute guys were there and I've been single for quite a while so I've been looking for a new guy to cuddle up to.


I lost Kaitlyn somewhere in the crowd and I just figured she'd be fine on her own.

My cousin's name is Jackie her boyfriend Josh was throwing the party at her place and I have yet to meet him!

After an hour of being introduced and talking with some of Jackie's friends she decided it was finally time to meet Josh, she was always worried I would critisize her so I figured she wanted to get a couple of drinks into me first.

I walked up the stairs and saw her boyfriend Josh (I recognized him from pictures) standing there with a five other guys, reeeally cute guys might I add.

We walked up to Josh and his cute friends and Jackie introduced us.

"Hi, I'm Josh!" He said very friendly,

"Hey, Chelsea. Glad to finally put a face to the name!" I said as we both chuckled and gave eachother a quick hug.

The other boys were looking at me with smiles until one finally decided to speak up and introduce himself,

"Hey, the name's Louis, this here is Harry, that's Zayn, this is Niall, and finally, that's Liam!" He introduced all of them to me calmly.

"Hey, Chelsea." I said pointing at myself.

"Yeah, we got that part." The blonde one I think whose name was Niall said slyly grinning at me.

I just rolled my eyes and laughed to myself as I walked over a couple feet to a nearby table with some beers on it. I grabbed one and went to walk back over when I heard the one named Harry yell,

"Hey Chelsea, you wanna grab me one? Pretty Please!" He said sweetly, how could I not?

"Yeah, anyone else?" I asked,

"Me please!" Niall yelled over the music,

"Me too thanks!" Zayn chirpped in,

"Yeah, I'll take-" Louis went to say but I interuppted him back walking over wit the case and setting it down at their feet,

"Go nuts!" I said laughing,

Jackie wanted me to meet some more of her friends so I hugged the boys good bye and said it was nice to meet them as I pranced off.

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