why me? (finished)

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  • Published: 21 Dec 2012
  • Updated: 27 Apr 2013
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Hi, im Lily Jade Tomlinson, daughter of Louis Tomlinson from One Direction and Eleanor Calder (my name isn't Lily or Jade, just so you know im not basing the story on me) born 1st February (yea I wasn't born then either) and this is my story on, how I cope being the daughter of someone famous, how I get through tough challenges (e.g bullying), how I encounter Love, and how much family and friends mean to me, so enjoy the story :)


67. spying

Taylor's point of view

so I have to spy on Holly, she's on the school's girls netball team, she's got blonde straight hair, she wears make up, uhh, this should be fun trying to find out anything, we had all agreed that we would focus on spying, and not meet up at break and dinner, but contact each other by phone when we know something, we'll meet up after school and report, so at break we all went pur seperate ways, Lux knew and she came with me, where Lizzy went with Lily, and Tyler went with Jack, Courtney and George thought it was best if they go alone, so Lux and I went looking for Holly.

"so where will she be" Lux asked me, "either on the astro turf or in the canteen" I replied, she nodded and we went first to the astro turf, "nope she's not here" I replied, "what does she look like" Lux asked me as we walked towards the canteen, "ill show you her when we...." I looked and saw her, "when we what" she asked, "there she is" I said pointing her out, "oh her, I see her everywhere" Lux said, i laughed, "yea, she's in the scholols girls netball team" I stated, "so what are we waiting for, theres a table next to her" Lux said, I nodded and we went in..

we got a drink and sat down at the table, we pretended we was talking as she talked to her mates, "well hows the netball team" one of her friends asked her, "oh there great, I cant go rehersals today though" she said, "why" another asked, "because guess what my mum got me" she said all hyper "what" they all said excited, "One Direction ticket" she screached, Lux and I looked at each other, "if she see's us and recognises you and me, we'll be mobbed" I sighed, "but hasnt she already seen us round" she asked, "yea, but dont forget, we;ve never really been this close to her, we're never in the canteen, and in class she sits at the front where I sit at the back so theres no reason why she would see us and the only reason why we know her, is coz her picture's everywhere round school" I explained.

"ohh right, well hopefully she wont turn around" Lux said, "yea" I replied, and so we continued lsitening, "im so jealous, I want to go see One Direction, i love them" one of the girls said, Lux and I chuckled, "his son Taylor follows me on twitter" she said excitedly, I put my head down, "since when" another girl asked, "a few weeks ago, I was spamming him and he must have seen a tweet and he followed, im so happy, if only I can meet him, he's so handsome" she said, I went red, Lux chuckled quietly, "why doesnt she recognise you" she asked me, "I dont know, but to be honest, I try to disquise myself as much as I can, and keep  my head down a lot" I replied, "true" she replied.

"what would you do if you met him" a guy asked, "il ask him to be mine" she said, Lux smirked and i went red, great, "I dont know what school he goes to, but I have to know, i may DM him tonight" she replied, and then she was just talking about me, "what about Louis' son" one spoke up, "hes gorgeous but he's too young for me, we're like in year 9 and he's only just gone upto high school" she replied, and so she just talked, when the bell rang we let them go before we got up, "so no luck there then" Lux said to me.

I shook my head, "you may have a girl in store though" she grinned, I sighed and rolled my eyes, "no chance, Holly has a boyfriend anyway" I replied, "well why would she say to her friend that she would ask you to be hers then" Lux replied as we walked to our lesson. "well dont forget, my dads a celebrity and she thinks her chance of meeting me is very narrow, its just in her dreams" I replied, "true true" Lux agreed and we went in our lesson "any luck" Lily asked me, "nope" I said, and so the lesson started.

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