why me? (finished)

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  • Published: 21 Dec 2012
  • Updated: 27 Apr 2013
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Hi, im Lily Jade Tomlinson, daughter of Louis Tomlinson from One Direction and Eleanor Calder (my name isn't Lily or Jade, just so you know im not basing the story on me) born 1st February (yea I wasn't born then either) and this is my story on, how I cope being the daughter of someone famous, how I get through tough challenges (e.g bullying), how I encounter Love, and how much family and friends mean to me, so enjoy the story :)


47. scratched

Taylor's point of view

when I was waiting outside Louise was just coming put smirking, what has she done, I wondered, she headed towards me, oh no, what did she want, i rolled my eyes as she approached me, "oh Taylor, why roll your eyes" she smirked, "coz  n't have said that" she said "big illness is here" I smirked back,  "ooooo, Taylor at one point you wouldn't have said that" she replied,  "yes, back when i didnt have a brain" I laughed, "Taylor I have some bad news, your girlfriend is planning on dumping you" she said, my heart sank, I know she was lying, but even the thought of that made my heart break.

"you lyer" I replied, "no, im not lying" she saqid, I ignored her, "now we can go back out since she is going to dump you anyway" she said coming closer, "hpw about no way" I spat, and with that I felt her nails hit my face, she scratched all my face, blood pouring out, "ahhh" I yelled, she laughed, she scratched again and then ran away, thats when i heard her voice, "Taylor" she screamed and she ran to me, "Taylor are you ok" she said worriedly, "im fine, illl just go to the toilets and wash my face, ill be fine" I said, it was painful but I didnt want her to worry.

"uhhh, no you will not, we're going to the students medical room" she replied, "im fine" I said, "Taylor, listen to Lily, you could be seriously injured" Lux spoke up, Jenna agreed, "who did this to you" Jenna asked, "one guess, Louise" Lily said straight away, I nodded, "why did she do this" Lux asked, "she told me that lily was going to dump me, she then said that Louise and I could go back out, I said n and she did this" I explained, they all gasped.

when we got to the students medical room there was only a teacher, as soon as she saw my face she gasped and jumped right up to the first aid kit, "can you girls leave, this room is only small, go to your lesson and he will join you in a bit, she smiled at the girls, they smiled, and went,  "so what happened" she said shocked, so i told her what had happened, "woow, she sounds like an idiot, im sorry, but im going to have to tell your form teacher about this"   she said softly, "no, dont" I said, "I have to, i know you may not want to be a tell tale but, this is really serious, if she kept doing it, who knows what would have happened" she said as she started cleaning my wounds, I owed a few times, reminded me of One Direction's song, Heart Attack.

once she had cleaned the wounds she came with me while I went to form, I had scratches all over my face, so when i went in through the door Mrs Nottingham didnt look at me first, I had my head down to so the others couldnt see my face,"Taylor so why are you late" she asked, typing on her computer, "with me in the medical room" the medical room person said, at this point she looked up, I looked at her and everybody gasped, "what happened" miss asked, before I could say anything, the medical room person  spoke up, "Louise Naylor did it" she said, everybody turned to Louise who had her head in her hands, "is this true Louise" Mrs Nottingham asked, "noo" she said, "Louise" Miss said firmly, "fine yes I did it" she said angrily, everyone gasped again, "right we are going to the headteacher now, everyone I expect all this work to be done when I return" she explained.

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